Biden Admin POURS 125 MILLION Into Lab Leak Style Research

Krystal and Saagar review the Biden administration’s decision to resume funding the same type of gain of function research that was at the heart of the Wuhan lab leak of the coronavirus

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  1. Wheres the coverage of the Indigenous led People Vs Fossil Fuels actions that are taking place in DC all week? Environmental leaders on the frontline fighting climate change need the support & spotlight. 200+ people have been arrested for peaceful protest. Cops pulled out the LRAD ( Long-Range Acoustic Device) to disperse full of women

  2. This is the worst news I have heard! It really is germ warfare! I keep sharing it on FB and it seems to keep disappearing! isn't USAID a CIA cutout?

  3. So in other words, we have to halt all study of previously unknown viruses because coronavirus MIGHT have leaked out of a lab? That's ridiculous and short-sighted. The "lab leak" theory is just that… an UNPROVEN theory. Wake me when you have the proof. This show is no better than the conspiracy theory nonsense Tucker Carlson promotes night after night unless it has actual proof or near bullet-proof evidence of the so called "lab leak". 🙄

  4. I understood gain of function to be working on or manipulating animal borne pathogens, viruses and diseases to bring them to where they can be contagious or suited to a human host basicly. This has been going on for how long now? As if sneeky germ warfare isn't the ultimate backdoor stratagem in these times! Who dropped that germ? it could have been anyone?
    Dangerous times for sure and who should we trust? America will always do it's own thing using any number of reasons to be at the forefront regardless of the fallout. As will any country? Whats stopping this form of terrorism the Geneva convention? 😂 Just look what is going on with Chemicals for generations and there is still little data on most msds reports. And who regulates who? $$$$ Just look at all the DDT sitting off the coast of L.A and what ends up in food it's out of control. Look up bio magnification. What's in a cigarette and why? Cancer and manmade disease as a result of your choices. Or is it their choices? And there is not much can be done to track and trace. Who are the real Germs? Greedy people and Governments that allow these things to continue.
    Zero accountability is the perfect crime? And who gets rich? The poor get poorer that's for damn sure! And nature has to repair continued fallout. Much of it is not able to be fixed or cleaned up period. It just gets worst renamed and repackaged and so many chemicals are addictive and cause any number of health issues, most are still not understood. Then you mix them also and? And you trust regulators like the FDA? 😂 Off point a touch or do these issues go together?

  5. The world would be a better off if no one did gain of function research. No argument there.

    But if the US won't do it, others will.

    It's choosing the less bad option of two bad options.

  6. This just mean they already have govt projects in function now. They can make it a known, as if they just now doing it, they can come out with "here's these other things, with a lot of US govt funding behind it, that we've green light….please don't look too close… you'll find its been funded and we've created more contagions that can kill of a huge portion of the population in the dark for years now…. we've denouced those meddling people that found out that this pandemic was also funded but since the evidence was not hidden, like all these others, we are pushed to expose these other projects we working on that can also get out…. LOL

  7. Just a note: This is why a republican, who agrees with your average democrat on just about every critical issue, still votes republican…. It's real hard for them to look at stuff like this and say, "you know what? I bet the government would do a great job fixing this problem." This is also why republicans hate republican politicians. Because they run on not making the government responsible for everything, and than immediately get in and start making the government responsible for more things.

  8. No Krystal If U Agree With Everyone Taking The Vaccine 4 COVID Than I Would Argue That U And Many Others Like U…Don’t Actually Care About Gain A Function Research Safety Protocols eta U And Other Middle Class Quarter Masters’/Line Tow-ers/Foremans’ And Task-Masters’ Only Worry That The Rest Of The Heard Below U All(That’s Y’all Punching Below) Taking Their Medicine And Returning 2 Their Nine2Five…So That We Can Pay Our Share Of That Same Gain A Function Research!!!

  9. To "detect emerging viruses" means "to engineer new viruses." This is really scary stuff. Looks like the COVID-19 experiment was a success … and now they want to ramp it up.

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