Biden Admin TARGETS Comedian Who Made Hillary Memes. Faces 10 Years in Prison.

In this interview, Darren Beattie – Former speechwriter and policymaker for President Donald Trump and founder of – sheds light on the flaws in the January 6th report. We also discuss the controversial case of an individual charged under 18 U.S. Code 241. We discuss the dangerous precedent this sets for free speech and the impact it could have on comedians and other creators.
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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. Apparently people texted Hillary's name to that number on Douglass Mackey's meme. Law and Crime has an article on this case. To get an idea about the charges (from the article): “On or about and before Election Day 2016, at least 4,900 unique telephone numbers texted “[Candidate’s first name]” or some derivative to the 59925 text number, which was used in multiple deceptive campaign images tweeted by the defendant and his co-conspirators,” the Justice Department said. (Note: if there something else going on here, the article didn't mention it).

    Don't know if the Justice Department can prove those 4,900 texts actually didn't legally vote as a result of those texts, but it seems even more unlikely to prove that had enough of those 4,900 texts had actually voted, that Hillary would have won the election.

    This case is going to trial. The judge turned down Mackey's request to get it thrown out under the 1st Amendment's freedom of speech clause citing: "it's up to the jury to decide that". We'll see.

  2. I imagine there are people in the Dem party who do clearly suspect that Epps is a US Intelligence plant and continue to protect him because they think of it as a necessary evil. As Beattie has pointed out, that doesn't mean these individual politicians were "in on it," but they would still condone it as politically necessary and stop in line in order to hide the fact that it happened.

  3. Anybody that matters already knows what the truth is. The deep state democrats along with their republican comrades are in a small group all to themselves. They take their directives from their globalist WEF masters and could care less about anything or anyone else. Their agenda is all that matters to them and they have given themselves permission to do whatever it takes, legal, illegal or otherwise, to further their new world order goals. Why are we the people who are clearly in the majority all around the world, allowing such a small, evil and perverse group of misfits to dictate what the rest of us must do? This is shameful just in of itself. No one can force anyone to do anything that they are not willing to do so lets stop these corrupt and criminal politicians from doing what they are deliberately doing!

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