Biden Administration ACTUALLY Wants To Team Up With Companies To Censor TEXT MESSAGES, This Is NUTS

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join former wrestler, athlete, and commentator Olivia Rondeau to discuss how the Biden administration can possibly be considering censoring people via text message (SMS).

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Guest: Olivia Rondeau
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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. If they come to my door, I'll say, Oh wait right there. Come back with a syringe and say, I've got something here that will make you better, trust me, it might even make you American again. If they say no, Congratulations you're still a free person who cam say NO.

  2. Next is a listening device that monitors your conversations, allowing authorities to arrest those monsters who have an opinion the left doesn't like

  3. My wife works at Starbucks, she's literally not allowed to say certain things about why her co workers don't wear masks while she has to.

    Starbucks asked for "voluntary" COVID-19 cards and to sign an agreement. If you don't "voluntarily" disclose your private medical information (prove you have vaccine) you can either A: Quit or B: continue wearing a mask.

    Big oof from Riverside, California

  4. which part of this is the misinformation, Joe? The (not a vaccine) is free, available to everybody and appears to be pretty effective at keeping you from getting covid. But the (not a vaccine) was rushed, has not been FDA approved yet, 23% of people who took it have self reported problems, is a brand new technology that has ZERO long term studies, if you already had covid you probably still have antibodies, and covid is 99.99% not fatal for relatively healthy people under 40. Democrats are so authoritarian – how about you let people make their own decisions for their own families?