Biden Administration CRIMINALIZING Journalism? Project Veritas & the Ashley Biden Diary – Viva Clip

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  1. This is not the first time the Biden administration has been caught copying Trudeau’s homework … it is almost like there is some sort of common external guiding force involved.

  2. It's NOT a federal crime unless the FBI has criminally turned itself into the cove-up gestapo operation of the Biden Crime Family. It's a prime example of the FBI's clear political BIAS and vindictiveness in one direction, and for why it needs to be DEFUNDED and DISMANTLED. If it was Trump, they'll make it a criminal case against him praising the person who brought the information as a whistleblower, but since it's Biden, they made it into a criminal case against the person who held the information…
    #fbi_bidens_gestapo #defundthefbi #dissolvethefbi

  3. Proof of Systemic Racism. The same week following the horrific London Incident 2021 The CBC Rosemary Barton show 5PM Stated that a lot of Hate speech Has appeared on the internet and Had Been removed. Then said But we have one. ( admitting that the following is hate speech). She played a clip of a creepy man video Taping Several Muslim women walking on a Public street While Mumbling from Him could be heard. I reported this to the local RCMP and they referred me to the local Police at which time the officer Knew about that clip. He said yes CBC did give Canada wide platform to this speech but would not pursue any charges as the CBC would claim Freedom of the Press. So We Have a Government that funds hate and a Police system refusing to prevent it. Note. I am not a Muslim supporter But can support any good Canadian.

  4. Our government insttitutions need to be purged and have safeguards added in place to prevent partisanship in the beauracracies. Things are only going to get worse without it.

  5. Is crazy how in their zeal to defeat Trump, these people are exposing their gross corruption, the very thing they are trying to hide. Both parties are terrified because he is incorruptible because he’s already rich as Croesus, doesn’t need anything from them so can’t be blackmailed like they have been. These government employees wether elected or appointed need to be purged or our way of life is in extreme danger. Keep speaking truth viva.

  6. Thank God for Justin Trudeau and all the foreigners he has recently introduced into the government to help ignorant native-born genuinely patriotic Canadians find their own way forward. May he never, ever be forgotten for all he has done to help unite Canada. Amen !

  7. Damn it Joe I'm a critical therapeutic thinker not a journalist.. and I'm hip to your sovereign military Order of Malta jiving.. we've given ourselves from self permission not to be mad as hell but nevertheless.. we're not going to take it anymore.. and it seems pretty clear that they are all In Cahoots no less than 3500 of them in the USA alone.. I think we could extrapolate at least the same ratio in Canada.. might be slightly more snobby up there?… as Citizens our civic duty is to beg for the help of our standing military legal justice system and remain worthy of rescue.. here we go

  8. The word is that The Jig Is up and we finally found the Sovereign military Order of Malta and many of them were in Epstein's black book sure. Also the clamoring of the FBI and other agencies to obstruct justices highly self incriminating of those who founded them invariably the same smom. can we get this over with before September 11th please? On the first day of Christmas it was the end of August.. fa la la la la la la la… let's not sit with our hands folded and let the Jesuit order in America and abroad, puts us through another virtue signaling demonic denial ceremony on the savior's birthday? crash our economy for Rosh Hashanah and Yom kippur? Cancel all of that virtue signaling denial? Wars, Austerity and despotic depop?

  9. The G-Man is among us. Sus! vine boom Oh, the G-Man took our case over. TikTok dance I guess we can now just hope and watch. windows 98 startup sound – Every Police Department in the USA in forever.

  10. The only silver lining regarding the corruption of the DOJ and FBI is that it is being exposed. They have probably always been corrupt but now this knowledge is brought to any who cares to know.

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