Biden Administration Panicking Over ‘Mass Migration Event’, 170,000 Migrants At US Southern Border

Guest: Randy Weber
@TXRandy14 (Twitter)
Lisa Weber
@LisaElizabeth (Twitter)

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. There is Buffalo Wild Wings in Mexico like you said but the reporter probably didn't know that when he told the so-called migrant to say that's what he missed cuz it's all orchestrated anyway media has been caught a few times

  2. Thankfully we had the most secure election in human history and Biden didn't even show his face because he knew he would get over 81 million totally legit votes. The people are getting exactly what they wanted. Afghanistan is now Talibanistan, our southern border is wide open, our supply chain is running smooth, the economy has never been better and now we have WWIII brewing.

  3. Yea man I’ve been blocked under the DREAM Act to getting any type of green card. I have tried for 5 years now to get into the Marine Corps and call every year to a recruiter to see if any law has changed. I love America and want to give back to this great nation!🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. I will never respect a person that came here illegally. And women coming here looking for a job with small babies will never be able to actually work. Unless she’s com,I guess to her family, who baby sits her kids? She coming here for welfare.

  5. I know Tim does not read this stuff but, for those of you looking into Gardening, where he said "It was all gone" He is not doing it properly. Youtube is Full of info on how to Garden and what you can grow even in Freezing weather. BTW, if you can't get an Avocado? Do without. Simple.

  6. I gotta unsubscribe. I finally realize Tim was a troll that uses hypocrisy to drive views to his channel. I like more honest people who, even if I don't agree, stand by what they say and what is their moral code.
    So respectfully fuq off, and I hope you get swatted more. You deserve it.

  7. Can you imagine how quickly their attitude would change if it turns out the majority of these illegal migrants either don't vote or vote for a republican? because suddenly all of their precious new voters turned out to be a colossal liability and threat to them in future elections.

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