Biden Administration PANICS Over Pending Global Food Crisis

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  1. What’s incredible with Biden administration is that they can never anticipate anything or simply formulate a plan to deal with a problem.

    Basically we elected people not competent enough to even react to events, forget about anticipating them.

  2. A manufactured pandemic, now a manufactured famine. The global elite, money changers, WEF, are busy. They know the people are waking up so must push their agenda through.

  3. Small anecdote during WW2 Stalin relented in his blanket ban of peasants and Kulaks having small food gardens by their shacks to supplement food supplies. By the end of the war these small gardens were supplying almost half the food for the nation. In old time rural America for hundreds of years on small farms the wife usually had here own small garden for vegetables and herbs.

  4. After seeing everything happen within less than a year, anyone with a brain would know that these people planned this to happen. You think the puppet and the puppeteers did not intend this to happen? You are only fooling yourself.

  5. Most of the millions of illegal aliens coming into USA owe murderous Cartels on pain of death.
    Abd will do as Cartels order or else.
    So many parts of USA will fall under Cartel control as world problems worsen, and Democrats act more and more insane and anti-American.
    And the DOJ falls more completely under Democrat Party control.

  6. People need to destroy the city's community and we need to spread out. Eliminate Realtors and people that profit from the poor. To make people do well eliminate all the drugs and start killing dealers.

  7. thankfully my country (India) is safe amidst all the bullshit that is going on, we have enough power to not be pushed over and have resources that can keep the population fed for decades!

  8. People who have written about retrofitting cities & suburbs for food production are Toby Hemenway ("The Permaculture City: Regenerative Design for Urban, Suburban, and Town Resilience") & David Holmgren ("RetroSuburbia: The Downshifter's Guide to a Resilient Future"). A person who has already begun guerilla gardening & is teaching more people how to do it in the greater LA area is Ron Finley. If people want to feed themselves, they better start studying & putting these (& other) methods into practice. If anyone has some other resources for low input localization of food production, please share with me. The more creative ideas, the better, & different climates require different approaches.

    Suburban sprawl is far better suited for being able to be retrofitted to generate sustainable local food. Urban, not so much. Thus, LA has more places that could be turned into gardens, fenced in areas where neighborhood goats could be rotated from yard to yard with local chickens cleaning up fly larvae. Both producing natural fertilizer. Climate appropriate perennials planted for human & animal forage need to be done in every city & town.

    Cities like NYC have more concrete & people stacked on top of each other, & less open land. I doubt humans are going to get it together to make necessary changes in growing their own food. People are so dependent on grocery stores that they seem to feel entitled to NOT learn how to feed themselves.

  9. I live in Ontario Canada. Myself and my wife spend between 800 and $1000 a month on groceries. And we don’t live any kind of extravagant lifestyle vegetables pasta nothing in a box when possible. But that’s slowly changing it’s too expensive! I pay $3.49 for a head of iceberg 🥬 😐

  10. Bend Over Biden 😈 will bend over for anyone including China 🇨🇳, Afghanistan 🇦🇫, Russia 🇷🇺, etc ! But Bend Over Biden 😈 will never 👎 ever bend over for Americans 🇺🇸 ! However Bend Over Biden 😈 will force Americans 🇺🇸 to pull down their pants 🩲 and bend over for him 😈 ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Hilarious 😂

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