Biden Admits Defeat As SCOTUS Blocks Coof Mandate & Voting Bill Dies



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  1. They are building the wall at the white house because they know they are going to continue to rig the elections , they know at some point things will get ugly, they are digging in and preparing to defend their communist/Marxists agenda.

  2. I've come up with a plan, at least for my community. Everyone's terribly quick to throw the tin foil crap at you when you try to talk to them. I've instead, gotten creative. First, I've done a painting showing how the MSM is propaganda. It has got a couple peoples attention. Second (this is the larger one) I work in a privately owned restaurant. Same owner also owns about 5 or 6 other restaurants and a few clubs/bars. Well, I see him all the time. If someone has an issue, they can take it directly to the owner if they want. So I'm putting together a power point presentation about the media, the coof and all the shit people are confused about. How to tell what is propaganda and what is real. How it all ties together. And lastly, who the players are, what they are doing, planning and how they are getting away with it. This owner has an audience. He also has a lot of money. He is also very open to all of this, just too busy to dig into it like some of us. That, salty friends, is one way to go about fighting in an information war. You just have to be willing to venture out of your comfort zone a bit. I sure the hell am.

  3. I don’t know that I believe the crazy shit the Q tards believe but I can tell for sure, that person playing the role of Joe Biden is not the original one, it’s a different guy altogether. An actor maybe?

  4. The best that Joey can do now is to hope to be stopped. But unlike the Vietnam song bird by the name of John McCain, he cannot plan his own state funeral, (which is what McCain did by polling the plug on his traitorous ass weeks before he was up for re-election to a 6 year term).

  5. So if i come as an illegal over the border. I Can vote for trump? Can i vote i all States . .? So i Can give him a lot of votes . If they dont want id. Then i might vote many times in every States. Maybe we should arrange voting trip . To the country where everybody Can vote. Denmark

  6. I think Joe's got Tourette's syndrome. What did he say: count the vote-count the vote, who gets to count the vote!
    Lets have a 3 year party for our 2 good friends from the other side of the Senate isle. 👏👏👏
    And they can be our guest's of honor for the next 3 years till we get this jack ass out of the White House …. if he's really in the White House?

    Edited part … i forgot
    " Lets Go Brandon "

  7. And still some of these dipshits in Massachusetts move forward with their mandates. They're so confused they don't know if they're coming or going they're going to do it even if it's illegal they're going to do whatever it takes to get their way… it's just going to blow up. I imagine it's going to take the proverbial head off soon enough.

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