Biden Admits TRUMP WAS RIGHT About the Border Wall, Democrats Post EPIC FAIL on Voter ID

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Joe Biden admits that TRUMP WAS RIGHT about the Border Wall and may continue to build more border wall to ‘fill in gaps’. Meanwhile, many Democrats and companies like PayPal post EPIC FAILS on Voter ID. Hilarious. #VoterID #SecureTheBorder #COVID19


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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


  1. Im confused, I thought Biden let imigrants in with the intention of ruining america. Did he actually thought he was doing a good thing? And do they still really let him decide theese things?

  2. They call a protest over election transparency, changing/bending rules (to favour themselves) a “coup”. They feared for their lives they said? Yet voter I.D is like bringing the sick segregation laws back??? These people are the biggest nut job, racist hypocrites going.
    We have this kind of thing here with Labour Party too. Not on your own.

  3. There consequences to your actions. The left doesn’t realize this. There are plenty of black and minority owned businesses here in the Denver that could benefit from the MLB All Star game. So welcome to Denver!!! I was against them moving it and getting involved in politics but communities here need help as well.

  4. Globalists want all the lower income workers to flood the area to destabilize it and sweep it over with military and establish their regimes they've been doing it for a while and are doing it here and in Europe as we speak

  5. You're a fool if you think voting id is good enough. You can apply and get a voting id without proof of citizenship. Of course if you're not a citizen this could lead you to a world of trouble but by them the damage is already done. To the citizens and to the migrants who might be stupid enough to fall in the trap of voting id before citizenship. Always push for a more secure system, it is flawed already and it may one day cost everyone their freedom.

  6. They (Big Tech/Corporations) are sending a message to politicians – "If you want more 'pay-for-play' money you better do as we say … and not what the public wants/needs/asks for."

  7. It's amazing how this narrative is turning into a trend for example this video here moving the Major League Baseball playoffs from a predominantly black community to a predominantly white Community this is happening time and time again I've been happening all of 2019 in the name of equality. There is nothing more detrimental to the black community then a White liberal pretending to help the black community!!!!

  8. what is voter id. is that a passport ot what. all normal people around the world have passports, but only americans believe that its kinda supression.