Biden ADMITS Ukraine Will Have To Cede Territory To Russia

The idea that the Ukraine War will only end with a negotiated settlement involving the ceding of territory has been widely criticized as “appeasement,” yet that is precisely what is inevitably going to happen to bring the war to an end. Even Joe Biden tacitly admitted as much when asked by a reporter recently. So when will the rest of the “dependent media” come around and acknowledge this obvious truth?

Jimmy and his panelists, The Dive host Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger, discuss Ukraine’s waning fortunes on the battlefield and when this inevitable outcome will take place.

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  1. Biden: We're willing to fight until the last drop of Ukranian blood and until the last inflated U.S. dollar is confiscated from the poor and working classes of this country. When those two resources become as exhausted as I sound, then the war can end as easily predicted.

  2. Biden: I don't want to pre-judge anything; but, as Ukraine's muscle/heavy, it seems to me that Ukraine is going to have to cede territory as part of a negotiated settlement. Zelensky: Joe, what leverage do I have after my "muscle" has just admitted such a thing out loud, even if everybody on Earth knows that is how this has to end? In fact, the only reason we're fighting now is because of your country's interference in our elections. Biden: And now we're interfering in the peace process. The U.S. is nothing if not consistent. Now, make sure that $54 billion gets funneled back to the U.S. MIC, or I'll let it slip that you're likely going to be ceding more than the Donbas.

  3. Ukraina and also ( Z)elenzky has been bombing it's one people in Donbass for 8 years killing 15000 sivil people. Nearly 2 millions was refugees in Russia before this war started in februar. How is it possible that Ukraina wants this people and territory ?? And for sure the people in Donbass dont want to belong to Ukraina.

  4. Joe is only working himself up to giving you an example about handing over land to Russia. Joe is trying to satisfy Putin by giving away land to Russia. Biden knows they pump oil in Alaska. Joe's revelation after his diaper change is, Russia owned Alaska. Biden says we need to give Alaska back to Russia so Vladimir doesn't take him behind the gym and beat the crap out of him. How's that for a slimy swamp slithering slug in charge.

  5. Biden: We’ll end the war when there is a sufficient amount of dead Ukrainians to justify the 55+ billion dollars we spent there. So thousands dead, billions spent, and jack shit for American citizens. F Biden and his whole 🤡🚗 administration!!

  6. Imagine if Russia infiltrated Mexico, took over their government, then their government hired a nazi regime to slaughter Americans in Mexico. How would you feel about that?

  7. So, when his staff "backpedals" something he said and he gets mad about it, what does that mean? That means that his staff doesn't work for him, they work for someone else. Who? Rothschilds? Bildeburger staff? Who?

  8. Russian troops will keep going until they seized most of western Ukraine. They will then dictate terms of peace, arrest the nazi government, Install a government not dictated to by the Americans, then relinquish control of the entire Ukrainian territory save Donbas back to Ukraine. There will be permanent repercussions to countries such as England, Finland, Sweden, and Poland that were so zealously seeking Russia's destruction. The United States western led coalition seeking total global hegemony has led to the rise of an opposing coalition of Eastern powers including Russia, China, and India, and some western nations that have been long resentful of their treatment under the American yoke including, but not limited to Venezuela, Brazil, and Ecuador, as well as much of Africa. It is becoming increasingly evident that the end of the petro dollar is upon us. The standard of living has declined significantly over the last 20 years and there is no logical reason to suspect that it will ever return. The fucking stupidity and greed of our leaders and the corporate elite is responsible for this! If you voted either for trudeau or Biden, you are just as guilty and stupid as they are. You will get what you deserve, and the rest of us will have to suffer because of it.

  9. No kidding. Wasn’t that the plan from the beginning! You did Nothing Significant for Ukrainian to win! “Russia Russia Russia “…. Collusion, collision, collision, since Clinton’s & DNC HOAX!!!

  10. The truth is Russia started to enforce the Minsk Agreement by force. Now Russia told the West if they started sending advanced weapons there they would take them out.

  11. The deep state will have to make that 70 billion last. You would think they would allow us to have food. How else can we pay this debt off? This may cost us a arm and a leg.

  12. It is staggering how bad this administration has handled absolutely everything it has attempted to do. If it's not obvious corruption, it's incompetence. When its not incompetence, it's extreme neglect. And when you wish they would just be negligent and leave you alone, they are knocking on your door to put you back in line for simply tweeting about how bad they are doing.

    How many innocent Ukrainians had to die for The Biden Families grift with corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs that where happy to sacrifice their own people knowing full well they were going to have to surrender eventually anyway? NATO got its proxy war without having to make any actual sacrifices and corrupt Ukrainian interests got a ton of cash meant for defenses they will no longer need. All at the expense of innocent people who simply wanted to defend their homes. This is one of the most disgusting things to ever be done by any government in recent history.

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