Biden Allows Corporate Prosecution Of Human Rights Lawyer

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  1. Stop complaining. Accept what you allow. Citizens don't impeach or arrest him or arrest his cabal. They just love fodder for social media. Talking has its limits and so does passivity.

  2. By ignoring constitution/bill of rights/due process, Biden and the DOJ are basically creating a model of justice based on a banana republic. No matter how many times I've heard this story, still can't believe it. So insane. Should be front page news.

  3. “”Millions of poor Americans who are coerced into accepting plea deals, many for crimes they did not commit.” Dishonest assertion. How do you know they didn’t commit them? You are making an unprovable assumption based on leftist rhetoric.

  4. Absolutely deplorable! How is something like this permitted to continue?
    A private corporation inventing their own court system and laws?!
    How on earth was this permitted to go on longer than a day much less two years of this man’s life! The best disinfectant for this type of tyranny is sunlight a.k.a. media exposure!
    Not only does this sitting judge need to be removed from office he needs to be hauled before a court as well as all the corporate officers of Chevron involved .
    God willing, they will all be sent to prison.
    I no longer recognize the country I’ve grown up in.

  5. This man is leaning on Jimmy for help and Jimmy is running a show using this man’s sad story for why his show exist and better the all the other media and networks. This man still needs help Jimmy.

  6. Chevron has wined and dined the main witness in Stevens case. A man who has basically destroyed his reputation both as a judge and a patriot; he has first ruled in Equador that Chevron is guilty and should pay 9.5 billion, then he turned and said that Steven bribed him with 500 000 USD (after he and his family was relocated to America by Chevron) and then he turned around again and said this isn't really true.

    They made a man sell his soul and then he regretted it. But the very conservative and corporate-friendly judge in America who ruled on Chevrons behalf took the Ecuadorian judges "second" version as truth and nailed Steven on it. (It's more complicated than this, but basically the demand to surrender his equipment is an effect of this fact).

    Chevron simply played the game very well and Steven was outplayed and at worst outbribed (- if were to take Chevrons word for it and you shouldn't)

    This case makes me so sad, I've lost the will to fight and even stoped believing in what I once stood for. Sometimes I see people like Steven who manage to get so far against these big bad wolfs in the shadows. But more times than not they get eaten alive. It's a brutal world.

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