Biden And Trump BOTH Claim Foreign Interference??! SOO No One Will Believe The Election Results

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  1. Well, lets take what Biden says. That would seem to mean that the Democrats are working with Russia and China. If they are doing things and the Democrats are blocking the people's right to vote, then that would seem to mean that the Democrats are working with Russia and China. :p

  2. My votes never count since they are never really for anyone besides myself. Since it wouldn't matter anyways because no one is honest, no one is saying the actual problems, this includes Tim as well, the problem is Marxist or just Authoritarians, no one says what actually say what needs to be said and no one will do what actually has to be done.

  3. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans. Duh! This is because Republicans actually remove dead people off their voter rolls and don’t include illegal aliens on their rolls.

  4. Do you think that either side really cares about any one but they're federal reserve puppet masters. As you say this is going to cause trouble for the people no matter who wins the election. Maybe the division is the goal, maybe it's as simple and effective as divide and conquer. Maybe we already lost the war and the enemy's plan is for us to kill ourselves

  5. We know who already has won the election: Tulsi Gabbard. Remember, she's supposedly a Russian spy planted to win the election and upset all of America. So, obviously, she's going to win. The Dems made sure to drive this fact into our brains and condemn us for doubt her, so obviously she's going to win according to them.

  6. In 1860 if Lincoln had won some of the southern states.. we probably don't have a civil war. If Stephen Douglas had won same thing… no civil war.
    The vote was close and severely split. The same goes here… unless it is a Massive undeniable landslide either way… Brace yourselves.

  7. People think the Chinese would want Trump to be president? Biden cracks me up. The Russians don’t give a fuck.. they are just sitting back laughing at it all.

  8. what that poll shows is that people don't believe information being reported. the article literally says ballots are being rejected and not counted, and yet the majority of people trust that their ballots are being accurately counted. WFT?

  9. I've got three individual instances of family members deciding to move back to Iowa from the West coast because of everything going on.
    And another two who are only waiting on some family matters to be settled before they come out here.
    Flight from the big cities is real.

  10. I wouldn't live in the north east period. If I had to choose one place to be, its right where I am. In east Texas. Because if the ? does hit the fan, this'll be one of the last areas to fall. There's a good majority of people here, who alot call crazy, who have been preparing for the govt to come for them. Good luck ?

  11. The leftist losers are pulling their same "both sides do it" bullcrap by saying no one will trust the results of the election. As if they had a reason to accuse President Trump and his supporters of cheating. Sorry snowflakes. The real reason you make this claim is that you know YOU will cheat and are trying to deflect any criticism in advance by claiming that Trump will be the cheater. Then you'll call us "conspiracy theorists" for wanting to review every last vote should the Biden corpse win.

  12. Have a look at Malaysian elections. Power outages, box swapping, paying for votes, flying in immigrants and giving them citizenship for 30mins to vote then revoking and sending away…..

  13. We'll have 200% voter turnout, the dems will claim the election is invalid due to tampering and move to remove Trump. Everyone will choose sides and fight

  14. Foreign powers are effecting elections? Ya don't say. It's not like we don't do the same damn shit.

    But seriously if they really think they are winning in a landslide why are they already giving a reason for losing? What we should really question is why someone who is merely a candidate is receiving intelligence reports that supposedly hurts his opponent. Is that not meddling itself? Not to mention a huge security breach