Biden Approval Hits RECORD Low, 4.3 MILLION Resignations Signal Economic Collapse WORSE Than We Knew

Biden Approval Hits RECORD Low, 4.3 MILLION Resignations Signal Economic Collapse WORSE Than We Knew. Democrat policy continues to destroy the economy and it has gone from bad to worse.

Republicans have been gloating and decrying Democrat leadership but the reality is that the GOP does nothing and has no real answers either.

Meanwhile republicans in an NYT op-ed have called for people to vote in more democrats to save the GOP from Trump and Trumpism


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. People like Tim pool are the reason we are in this mess. Advocates for peaceful protest while the government strangles us out. We all know what needs to be done. Nobody has the balls. So this is what we deserve.

  2. Mr pool, trust me when I tell you the Democrats will never throw in the towel. They will fight tooth and nail to keep the power that they've gained. If you don't see anything on the horizon, look for the knife in your back either way it's going to be the Democrats. They've got something up their sleeve, they're making a lot of moves right now. George Stephanopoulos was allowing Christopher Steele the author of the steel dossier the most ridiculous collection of lies ever put the print. The Chinese now have a hypersonic missile along with the Russians. I wonder if that investment that the Clinton foundation and George Soros is group made to the Skokie vote project had anything to do with that, coincidence? No such thing the universe is rarely that lazy. So don't count them out until you see the box go in the hole.

  3. Most people are quitting their jobs because of Inadequate pay and the government refuses to raise the minimum wage. Their bosses treat them like garbage and others don’t want to work because of the fear that the government is controlling over a life saving vaccine.

  4. It always surprises me that it takes Tim soooooo long to figure out and admit that they’re doing all of this on purpose. It’s adorable though how he still thinks covid “just happened. Things happened.” Dude, stop. They released into the world intentionally. It’s OBVIOUS.

  5. I work for a government entity and they have flat out said those who do not get the jab by November 5th will "voluntarily RESIGNING," not getting fired. People are getting fired and people are being told employees are "resigning."

  6. Left are really happy with the resignations, win win for them: First they cull anyone with a brain and control the rest with fear and propaganda.
    Second, a country in depression is perfect for socialist takeover.

  7. THATS THE IDEA!!!!! They want to break America's back, so socialism can take over! Good thing there are so, so many 2A folks with more ammo that our military! I'm sure he will try to do something with our military! And most of the soldiers will walk!

  8. People aren't down with the mandates and forced vaxx, that's why globally we are seeing huge job opening and resignations. People are willing to leave and not be apart of their tyranny. Its backfired on them, they didnt think people would actually choose that option in this number. Now we are playing chicken, who's gonna hold out longer. The mandates or our freedom.

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