Biden Approval PLUMMETS To 38%, Independents TURN On President As Return To ‘Normal’ Stalls

Kim Iversen and Robby Soave react to President Biden’s sinking approval ratings.

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  1. The only performance is his team keeping him from falling and preserved his plastic surgeon should be fired he had swelling and clear signs of having a mini lift procedure during covid lockdown it also seemed like he was given Adderall or some sort of stimulant

  2. Biden is a soup sandwich who conflicted voters brought to office because he wasn't trump. nobody voted for biden they voted against trump. Biden gets even sloppier as time moves forward. he never was a worthy candidate and is not worthy as a president. Surprised anyone? Really?

  3. The DNC and he made their bed etc etc.

    They lied and cheated and stole an election and have gotten nothing really done in decades.

    Biden hides in his basement still and he expects people to just continue to believe he will get anything done?

    OK, he did get the US out of Afghanistan but he was integral in the US going to Afghanistan so if that is supposed to be laudable for his presidency, then think again.

    In fact, he has been integral in many of the problems faced by the US today. China and Nafta, Chinas relation to the world and how the US helped (with Biden's support to become a world power), his helping to create the prison problem.

    Biden has helped create many terrible problems for the US and it will take a lot of time to fix them. The problems have been there for decades and Biden just does not have the steam to fix them.

    If he signed an exec order to forgive all student debt he could buy some time and a lot of good will with those in debt up to their ear lobes and it would help the mid terms because it would affect so many people.

    With that good will he could pass whatever he wanted, or if he gets rid of the filibuster, he could pass each of the different parts of his build back better plan, one at a time and after each, explain how they will help the American people. Then he could make college free and lower drug prices and get rid of the debt ceiling problem so that it does not come back to bother future dems again and people will remember he was the one that did that.

    Does he have the will to make actual change. It is up to him and he needs a big win soon, and forgiving all student debt could be the catalyst to help create the good will to make the change possible. Manchin and sinema would not be able to stand against him.

  4. Seriously?…Says who the biased media…It takes time to turn an aircraft carrier…Even super duper nations are not all on board and any split nation drops like a rock especially if half the nation prays for it’s on failure…Millions are still sick from vomiting the last four years…🤢

  5. President Biden spent 50 years as a congressman or senator and has accomplished zero, and I mean zero. I really don’t blame him, because I blame the American people that voted for this clown.

  6. And I really have to be honest with you and yes I’m a Republican, but I really do think his approval ratings are a lot lower than 38%. I think it’s probably between 30% to 25% approval rating. The social media. The social media always has to put their two cents in to make it look a little better than what it is. God be with us!

  7. I have been speaking these past two weeks to probably over 300 people here in Texas of all backgrounds and of course they’re not happy. I hope and pray as an American my whole life that this country gets back on track because I’m tired of spending massive gas prices. Groceries have gone up 20%, and heating all is skyrocketed. How can a poor and middle-class Americans make it?

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