Biden Approval SINKING FAST As Dems Face Midterm Bloodbath

Saagar and guest host Marshall Kosloff break down the most recent polling showing sinking approval ratings for Joe Biden and what that means for Dems in the midterms. Just as a reminder, Krystal is on vacation and she will return next Thursday.

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  1. Hey guys, just a warning for you. I’m subscribed to your channel, but I haven’t gotten a recommendation for your channel in about 3-4 weeks. I have to go out of my way to search for you still, even though I’m subscribed. Please yell at YouTube. This isn’t fair to you.

  2. When trump wins again in 2024 (🤮) we can blame Biden the same way we can blame Hillary for trumps 2016 upset. These people can’t put their egos aside and do what’s best for the people, they only want power and prestige.

  3. WOW! He lost ONE% in his approval rating. How would you feel if Trump had won in 2020? We would be at 1.2M dead from Covid by now. For me, Biden is 1000% better than having to listen to 45 everyday bragging about his non-accomplishments and excuses of why he failed.

  4. I have said since Day 1– Dems lose 100+/- seats in the House and 4-6 in the Senate. At which point the Biden presidency is over. Eff them! Eff them! Eff them! Until they figure out that ONLY a return to real Liberalism will save them they deserve to get screwed and screwed hard.

  5. This is 100% business as usual. Republicans had the Presidency, the Senate and the House in 2016. For all good reasons, this country does not like either party having the majority. Thank God for that. So of course the Dems will lose the Congress in midterms just as always thankfully happens. All we can really hope for is that both parties decide to – for a change – put up actual, good candidates instead of a repeat of the 2020 clown show.

  6. LMAO… This guy is trying to act like Biden hiding in his basement is a strength. He’s hiding in his basement because he can barely string a sentence together, not because he’s a “normal guy”.

  7. Biden had to show improvement on Covid! If the talk is still on lockdowns and masks, then we are at status quo after $6T and 2 years. It sunk Trump and listening to Fauci will sink Biden

  8. I hope the dems are screwed in 2022 because it's extremely troubling when one political party holds congress and the presidency. Gotta get some balance back.

  9. I love it when progressives float communistic policies like lockdowns, then blames politics for why we cant do the same thing. NEWS FLASH we have a system of governing that places negative rights on the federal government, AND THATS A GOOD THING. It has nothing to do with politics (except the finger wind check every once in a while), it has to do with the constitution. What did they say in that movie GI JANE, "… if you would just be willing to trim a little fat off of the constitution…". That's what progressives really want, and it shows through with that Kosloff comment (he wont admit it though).

  10. I’m afraid all of this won’t matter. Between public education, mega cap tech, MSM/Hollywood; too many malleable opportunities. Plus the DNC will double down on unresolvable social issues & identity politics to divide and conquer, and ultimately maintain control.

  11. I voted democrat in every election since 2004 except one time where I voted 3rd party. Next election I will vote republican for the first time in my life. I'm vaccinated yet democrats still force me to wear a mask and miss a week or two of work/pay if I have the sniffles. I got the vaccine so I could return to normal life and science clearly shows the chances of a vaccinated person getting seriously ill are very low/not worth lowering my quality of life. I might choose to wear a mask if COVID hospitalizes more kids than the flu but so far that hasn't happened. I don't have any sympathy for un-vaccinated adults who get seriously ill, if you are worried about COVID get the damm vaccine. Some people say we need to protect adults who can't get the vaccine, while my 90 year old late stage alzheimers grandpa got the vaccine if he can get it almost anyone can. The few people who truly can't get the vaccine can choose to wear a mask and they would be safe if 70+% of the population got vaccinated. I'm a democrat at heart but I can't tolerate this level of incompetence.

  12. This guy on with Sagaar has got to be the most ignorant guy in media, and that's saying something. He actually thinks conservatives would be for lockdowns had Biden said "it's all over folks". He does not have the basic understanding of what a conservative is and yet here he is editorialising on how they think and how they would react. He's as big an imbecile as Biden.

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