Biden Bans Horses At Border, Opens Gitmo For Refugees

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  1. Isnt Kamala in charge of the border? Saying she's deeply troubled about what she saw in images? Maybe if she visited the real border with issues, she'd have a better idea.

  2. Those weren’t whips Jimmy, you dope! They’re called Horse Reigns. Also most border guards are Hispanic or (Brown People) as you like to say. These border guards are doing their job. What do you want, 20 million people just crossing our border, just let them right in?? Trump deported less because he was building a wall and implemented the “Remain In Mexico” program.

  3. Banning horses solved the problem. Because horses you know, are heartless in their pursuit of brown people. Not the riders' fault. Horses quickly become agitated and control is quite easily lost.

  4. Pulling a young Turks I see. Acknowledging that they aren't whipping people but refusing to clarify and leaving your old video up where the title is "migrants getting whipped". Classic Cenk and Ana. Not surprised you're doing the same things they do since they taught you how to do it. Pathetic

  5. 896k subscriber's!! After weeks of switching between 866k and 867k subscribers. Please comment "subscribe" when you subscribe so YouTube's censorship of this channel is more visible. Also make sure you go back to your comment to make sure it hasn't been deleted.

  6. Why don’t ever see Jimmy doing stories about all the black and minority children who are gunned down everyday in liberal democratically run cities like Chicago but he stands up for the Haitians and other migrants.

  7. There's nothing wrong or "racist" about protecting a nation's borders, and the agents never whipped anyone. The rhetoric of Biden and the democratic party has created this crisis at the southern border. They promised open borders and 100s of thousands of people are coming with no where to place them. 70-90% of migrants do not qualify for amnesty and the vast majority of them have not been deported.

    THANK YOU to the men and women of the Border Patrol, who are mostly Latino, for humanely and diligently preforming your duties. Plus, for a bunch of people who think this is Native American land you all love to invite people here who aren't native to this land… ironic.

  8. They teach border patrol the Western style of riding which few have seen. I understand how that was misinterpreted because most are familiar with British style of riding. Few are familiar with ranching. Ironically the Western style came from the Spanish conquistadors. Does it occur to anyone that the banning of horses just opens the door for more efficient way to corral ppl? They want a serf class.

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