Biden BANS Imports of Russian Oil, Gas Prices SURGE to Record Highs, Poland Just Started WW3


Biden BANS all imports of Russian oil sending gas prices SPIRALING out of control into RECESSION levels. What many are calling a Great Reset designed to push green energy by destroying gasoline prices. Meanwhile, Poland sends its fighter jets to the Ukraine in what may be considered an act of war.

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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. Well, One thing is for sure !
    I sure do Miss on all of the Fun, Peace, and Prosperity that Reagan brought to America and the World, which Bush Sr. sort of maintained, but did not Build Upon.
    Then the democraps, as they ALWAYS DO, ran the Economy into the Ground (Clintons, with all of their Clintoncides et al. !), at which point, Bush Jr. got in and Built it Back Up a little bit, but it did not Secure America, and it did not Enforce Peace.
    Then, of course, as is the democrap way, obutthurt was installed [(illegally ?!?)
    "Barack and I have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden 2019)], which lead to 2 (illegal ? See Biden Quote Above) Terms of Massive Recession, the Highest Unemployment Percentages and Welfare Recipients in America since the Great Depression, and, of course, as we all know, the Anti-American, loony leftist, Socialistic/Communist, dastardly deviant, demented democraps are nothing but liars and thieves,  but, they also, aside from being the party of Cognative Dissonance,  are the party that just absolutely  LOVES  to send the American Economy into Deep Recession with astronomically high inflation rates, while trying Very Hard to Duplicate the Great Depression, because, it's their way !       
    Oh ! And not to be forgotten, it is these "blue" cities and states that are letting the known criminals out to Terrorize the Public, while at the same time HarASSing the Law Abiding Citizens to take an Unconstitutional M@n D@ Tory Jab Against their Personal Best Medical Judgement ! 🤪
    THEN, Donald J. Trump was LEGALLY Elected as President of The United States of America, and he Brought Back, Fun, Peace, and Prosperity, but, he too ADDED to the National Debt, which was one of his Failures, and then we get to the 2020 El€c+¡on Fr@u d, which has Returned America, and the World to the Bull$hit that we all Endure through Suffering today !
    👌 👍 😁 💪 🇺🇲

  2. Biden had a wet fart and almost pooped his pants.
    His wife comments that "His ass made a nice Putin sound."
    Biden mistook that as a sign to cut gas from Russia…

  3. @Mr Obvious Thanks for actually pointing out all the other petroleum products produced.

    As an aside atleast McDonald's is still paying there Russian employees during this shut down.

  4. Amazing, read the comments. One side complaining about liberals (should stop calling them that. Look up the definition) and such. The other side complaining about things stolen, high gas prices etc. Uh wake up. No one is going to save us. All this bs could've been nipped in the rear if ppl weren't so comfortable, lazy, asleep. We all have the power to take back the power but seems like a lot are oblivious

  5. Bro resources can be acquired from some other country or produced locally so you should focus on that rather than hype train your idiocy as if russia was the only world provider for every resource they are exporting this is starting to look like you are shitting your pants thinking about ww3 and would even give away your mom to russia just to secure YOUR needs…

    ps. people like you should never talk about poland because it is insulting to us poles when cowards like you (that wouldn't even help their neighbour when his house gets raided) talk about our small country that would be hit first in case of ww3.

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