Biden Becomes Third President In A Row To Bomb Syria

It’s become a rite of passage that all presidents since George Bush have experienced: bombing Syria. And now Joe Biden has earned his war criminal wings with a recent airstrike in Syria, ostensibly aimed at an Iranian-backed militia that just happened to be occupying one of the few oil producing regions of Syria NOT controlled by the United States military.

Jimmy discusses the curious way the United States criticizes Russia for invading a sovereign country like Ukraine while simultaneously occupying a third of Syria and pillaging the nation’s oil wealth.

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  1. Those naughty naughty bombs, it's not the politicians fault. They just got off their leash and out of the yard…
    Naughty bombs…
    And let's not dare look up what "the Syrian democratic forces" used to be called before US rebranding

  2. Jimmy: Trump governed exactly the same!
    Me:…then why would Biden need to roll back Trump policies? How would biden increase spending and make things worse if they “governed exactly the same” 🤔

  3. The USA has become a looting nation, plain and simple. Mainstream media completely silent about Syria, just like they eventually got with Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The American elites love to compare the USA with the old Roman Empire, just read one of their hideous media, like The Atlantic. But no, the USA will not go down in history like Egypt, China, India, Babylon, the Inca, Maya, etc. For this matter, The Onion gets real, as nasty as a deep state publication can get (they openly supported Hillary Clinton)

  4. I'm with you Jimmy but ain't no way in hell I could ever vote for a demoncrat again, and I'm not Abt to vote for a republikkkan. What do you suggest? I'm not voting, period. They all work for the same crooks.

  5. Thank you so much Jimmy for speaking the truth about our Zionist government. Bunch of war criminals waste of taxpayers money. NO MORE WARS NO MORE WARS NO MORE WARS.

  6. These Globalist Corporations who have completely CAPTURED The People’s "government" just won’t stop in their insatiable greed and psychopathy!! They ALL need to be purged from THE PEOPLE’S rightful government, whether fake "Democrat" OR fake "Republican". They are ALL criminals and murderers on the world stage, folks! Resist and deny the Global Corporatists who have OUR governments!

  7. "Why did the FBI and CIA try so hard to take down Trump? Because he'd accidentally say" the truth. Wrong. It's because he wasn't part of the uni-party global elitist Establishment.

  8. its going to be funny when iran gets there nukes up and running and america is being surrounded by nukes. China russia iran nth korea . You get what you give . What does america have . The uk lol the eu lmfao australia lol . America is toast.

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