Biden Begs OPEC to Pump More Oil, Like a Weak and Pathetic Little Baby

Meanwhile he is “really serious” about climate change.


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  1. Wouldn't it be great to have a pipeline or 2 from a friendly nation just to the north to help out? F-ing incompetent morons

  2. Styx said it all. Biden – the demented fool that he is – destroyed the US energy industry, and now he is begging OPEC for help instead of actually doing anything. This is pathetic, and anyone looking at the situation know that. Fuck Biden and the Dems. They caused all of this and they know it.

  3. He is way off on how the billionaires would react if they thought climate change was real. They would do just what they are doing, they would stop and hinder the masses from using energy. They would price out as many people as they can from energy use, they would use carbon credits, a great reset, lockdowns, etc… you know all the things they are doing or pushing. None of this will change their lifestyles but will absolutely destroy the standard of living of most people in developed nations.

  4. If there was real concern about climate change we would be building new cities and cleaning up the coast behind us . So far just more coastal development and more pollution on the coastlines .

  5. The super rich do believe the planet is going to turn into Tatooine, but they also believe they can save it by pricing us, not them, out of carbon use. They can afford $40 a gallon gas, they can afford $100 a pound steak, they can afford a doubling or tripling of what their private plane costs, they can afford to keep the lifestyle they are accustomed too. The rest of us can't afford it.

  6. When can we start alleging that Biden is a Russian pawn?
    Son parties with Russian hookers and dug dealers
    Allowed Russian oil pike line shutdown area
    And son allegedly got millions from Moscow mayors wife or ex wife
    Biden family looks mighty corrupt
    In my opinion

  7. Styx loves to court controversy and push the envelopes. I know types of people who would become unglued over the three little dolls sitting beneath the Uncle Ben's box and yet Styx could care less. In fact he enjoys the fact that some will react to them.

  8. That supposed 5.4% rate of inflation does NOT include any rises in food prices, energy costs and transportation. So, I guess that if we don't eat, we don't heat/cool our homes, and we don't drive, then life is good, right?

  9. This is so silly. As a Canadian we offered you cheap gas and oil for HUNDREDS of years. You would never want for oil again. It would create thousands of good paying jobs on both sides of the border, not even including spin off jobs. You would never be subject to a hostile, and less face it they've embargoed you before, foreign entity. You would be totally safe and secure with your energy needs and never have to worry about the plug getting pulled. Here, take it, no problem. Am I correct in thinking that Biden pulled a "Fredo"?

  10. Socialism is an eloquent answer to killing 99% of the population, allowing only the ones THEY want to survive.
    Perhaps they just want to mass genocide everyone off the planet for their own comfort?

  11. They wouldn't be clearing forests to lay carbon-pit solar panels.
    Manufacturers make windows and roof tiles that collect photovoltaic energy but you wouldn't know if you relied on the government.

  12. Ironically American oil independence and ability to export depends on a high oil price. A low oil price will make US reserves that can only be accessed by fracking non-viable. Fracking is expensive. Saudis would love to kill off fracking companies with a sustained low oil price.

  13. I think he is rolling back local production to force the continuation of the US involvement in the wider world. We need foreign oil to keep prices low, therefore we must stay on as world police.

  14. Yet, he shuts the pipeline down! Why should America be self sufficient on ANYTHING? If we were, it would not make the elites tons of money, especially where China is concerned. They continue to make HEAPS of money at the continued expense of the middle class while the sheeple all "fall in line" and take it up the as*!! ??

  15. The Covid-19 Vaccines may just be the first step to sterilization. Now a word from your Government " Oh we're sorry, we had no idea the side effects would cause sterilization. We were trying to save lives. "

  16. The Biden administration pleading with OPEC to increase oil production to rescue the United States from high fuel prices months after cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline smacks of hypocrisy,” Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage said in a statement Wednesday. “Keystone XL would have provided Americans with a stable source of energy from a trusted ally and friend.