Biden BEGS Venezuela For Oil

Having placed sanctions on Russia and, more precisely, Russian oil, the Biden administration has gone looking for alternative sources and settled on… Venezuela. To that end a delegation of US officials traveled to the South American country to negotiate with Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro – the man frequently decried by Democrats and Republicans alike as a brutal dictator – and not Juan Guaido, the pretender widely recognized as president by many western nations.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the administration’s willingness to overlook Maduro’s shortcomings in search of sweet crude and transparent snub of the previously anointed Guaido.

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  1. JD needs to get John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hitman) on the show to straighten out some of the Empire's history of "Spreading Democracy." He will definitely help people understand what is going on in Venezuela.

  2. "Go fuck yourselves" would be my response but a simple "I don't respond to those who don't acknowledge my legitimacy" would be some smooth dictator shit. I'm kinda pulling for the other team on this one. Nobody shows their ass like the good ol' US of A

  3. These politicians have screwed the pooch with these people and it very well could blow up in their faces. Yet we will be the ones who'll pay, in the end. I doubt any of them worry about making ends meet.

  4. [ WHAT , A , SAD 😢 DAY ] .!!!!! . ( THE PRESIDENT ? . ) BRINGING , FOR , ( OIL ) .!!!!! . FROM , ( NATIONS ) THAT , ( HATE ) . ( AMERICA ) .!!!! …. [ THEY , MUST , BE , LAUGHING 😂🤣😂 ) .!!!! ….( SURE , DOBLE , THE PRICE ) 😎💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰.!!!!! …..MAKE , THEM 🇺🇸 , PAY 💰 .!!!!! ….

  5. I can see culture trip to Venezuela perhaps Maduro can play US officials some "worlds smallest violin" followed with dancing performance suck my "man part" followed with grand finale get the "fuck out of my country".

  6. Good grief, watching the Prez & Congress get up & do this little performance over & over, I now just hear clown music & I see a bunch of big floppy shoes & red rubber noses, pouring out of s clown car.🙄

  7. I am a sucker because I don't believe the US is funding Nazis to fight Russians just for fun. I really want to follow Jimmy's lead on domestics issues like healthcare, foreign stuff I don't know if Jimmy can see the forest though the trees.

  8. Just crazy how nobody sees this….. blind supporters wondering why they are literally going to be driving to work just to pay to drive to work….it’s astounding……good luck

  9. I remember a certain Green Party candidate in 2016 saying we should broker a deal with Venezuela for oil until we could switch to green energy. Hmm and people called her crazy. Interesting

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