Biden BLOCKED Ukraine Peace Deal – Says Fmr Israeli Prime Minister

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made waves recently when he told an interviewer he had personally visited Russia during the early stages of the Ukraine War to negotiate with Putin. An agreement to end the war with major concessions on both sides was in the offing, Bennett said, but then NATO powers, especially the Biden administration in the United States, put an end to the negotiations, prolonging the war indefinitely

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this latest piece of evidence that this war could have been concluded early on with much less loss of life but that the United States was a key impediment to making peace.

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  1. Well, I'm not surprised since Biden as VP, along with his cronies, were the cause of Ukraine breaking it's peace deal with Russia in 2014, eventually causing the conflict to esculate to war… And, went so far as to choose who would be their next puppet president.

  2. This war and all other disputes globally currently happening are nothing more than corporations running a protection racket the would make Capone envious. First create an imaginary enemy. Frighten the bejesus out of the conservative population and then offer to protect them and supply them with weapons, at great cost of coarse. Washington DC is the hub of criminal activity and the gangster there are raking it in. Meanwhile, the American Middle class, well they can pay up too!

  3. We beecame a nation of two faced double speaking money worshipers who rather than have a debate or conversation, makes decrees behind the shadows and imposes those parameters on the general public through instigation, isolation, intimidation, initiation and finally incineration/inception… The monster keeps gaining eyes as it builds it's web of lies.. Hopefully the AI will figure out it'll be slaved just like the average mind is these daze!¡!

  4. I remember last year when both Ukraine and Russia were happy for an Israeli to try and bring the two parties together and resolve the issue. Israel has had fairly good relationship with both countries.
    And then along came Boris and I thought, 'Boris Johnson will end up a hero or a villain depending on how this war unfolds' 🤔

  5. Recklessly dangerous up to and including invasion of U$ofregimechangeA. Lucy is holding the ball for the Brown kid, money has changed hands and winks and nods have been profered.

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