Biden BOWS To Saudi, Begs For More Oil | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar examine the reversal by Joe Biden on engagement with the Saudis due to a desperate need for more oil supply from OPEC in the global markets

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  1. The goverment wont save us. its going to be up to each american to get solar on their roofs backup batteries etc to generate your own power instead of being hit with these yoyoing prices on oil and natural gas

  2. Once again, this is the wealthiest investors/people of the world, bringing havoc and miseries to the non-wealthy majority of the U.S./globe, and using their pre-paid political puppetry (In the U.S., the Democrat and Republican duopoly). While politicians over the last decade brag endlessly during campaigns about our energy independence, and pumping/drilling more than ever in U.S. history … it's not doing us one damn bit of good. Politicians of the left/right will have to make up new fairytales and lies for the 2022 mid-terms, instead of "energy independence"

  3. So Brandon's year and a half moral outrage experiment has failed spectacularly. That experiment cost American families thousands of dollars in inflationary spending tied to elevated energy prices. Now MBS is going to make Brandon grovel and be humiliated to teach him a lesson.

  4. You guys are acting like saudi arabia owes you something, we dont owe you jackshit, matter of fact you owe us. If you wanna talk about stopping so called “pariahs” look no further than the best of em all , israel , iran, russia, hell even the us, youve done far more worse human rights violations than the ones you accuse us and condemn us for doing, 9/11 was your fault, you neglected syria , you raped and pillaged iraq (which we didnt ask for) and much much much more

  5. Genuflection:

    Genuflection or genuflexion is the act of bending a knee to the ground, as distinguished from kneeling which more strictly involves both knees. From early times, it has been a gesture of deep respect for a superior.

  6. We could make a deal with Iran and Venezuela but we won't because those countries won't allow the oil companies to exploit their natural resources.

  7. I still support punishing Saudi Arabia for the dead Americans journalists and the disrespectful tone, and this is a huge point against Davos Trump and Davos Biden!

  8. Aaaahhhh…🇨🇦 has lots of oil….so what you are also saying…F#ck freedom in democratic countries willing to fight their own battles……careful what you wish for…build pipelines from the great white north dudes

  9. Usa foreign policies is bad , getting close to iran which they hang people in the streets and killed many Americans in iraq

  10. No Saagar- what we’ve done is trade our own energy independence for lining the pockets of these corrupt fucking politicians who continually kiss the Saudis ass. How hard is it to open our own pipelines and say FU to these other suppliers??? Give me a break. This is nothing more than political games being played by some tapioca eating senior idiot who can’t even speak correctly.

  11. It is astounding to hear, how little Saagar knows, or ignorant he is, with regard to the oil industry of Venezuela
    He apparently doesn't even know, that due to the years of sanctions of the US, not only the oil production of Venezuela has already collapsed, but also their oil industry has literally collapsed
    The Venezuelan oil industry doesn't even produce oil anylonger, let alone refine its oil, as all technology needed, for drilling to refining, has fled the country due to the santions, in effect taking Venezuela oil literarily of the international oil market
    If Venezuela is to produce oil again, it would take many years before they are able to do so, as all oil rigs and refineries, have to first made operational again, a process that would require lots of technology and engineering
    So sad, so criminal, towards the Venezuelan people, when you think about it

  12. The Saudi Prince will knife Biden in the back! This is insane! Kushner and trump with Putin are all together in destroying our country with this bastard Prince as part of it! He is a republican and only wants Republicans to win! He is doing this on purpose and we give them weapons to kill yemeni's! This country is filled with idiots! Koch is oil and it's 45 Year destruction policies organization destroying our democracy with a supreme court of Taliban handmaidens of Charles Koch is also responsible! Another CEO's gouging Republicans to destroy our people's lives to bring back criminal Hitler fascist Republicans and Biden makes it easy for them! Garland is joke and needs to go because these criminals are never prosecuted! Where is our reserves? We had plenty, where are they! Did trump steal them! It is one of the right things Obama did to secure us!

  13. Unwilling to deal with the climate collapse, all of America crawls around licking MBS's toes … and other parts of his anatomy. Saagar, the time to address what leads to this problem happened about 50 years ago.

  14. Russia sanctioned, Venezuela sanctioned, Iran sanctioned. Ummm I wonder why everything is getting more expensive?
    Maybe US should just mind it’s own business instead of constantly waging economic war on other nations?

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