Biden Breaks Promise Puts Troops Back In Afghanistan

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Graham shows how the media loves war.

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Written by Graham Elwood

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  1. Graham, I think these troops are guarding the folks that worked as interpreters/cooks etc. for americans. It is better to get them out than to let them be slaughtered, no?

  2. The international community's begging Biden to put troops in Afghanistan again!
    45 is no better he was all talking that he's going to get the troops out of Afghanistan he was a do-nothing president let's face it!

  3. I think you're overestimating the will of the Afghan people to want it to become better. When there is so much corruption and division in a country you can send everything you want, start any project under the sun, it won't hold, it won't fix it, because the Afghans still live in the medieval ages and are under the rule of their messed up religion and culture.

  4. The USA has lost an arms race against the Taliban. How many trillions of dollars did the US waste to defeat the Taliban? The Taliban didn’t take part in this arms race and still won.

  5. The Taliban controlled more territory AFTER we invaded. Why isn’t anyone mentioning that? Seems to be an important topic related to the Taliban’s inevitable takeover. No to mention, they offered Bin Laden to us, and Bush refused. Pretty much an illegal invasion.

  6. Because there is no longer a communist presence offing a better alternative. Japan was propped up as an example to contrast China and North Korea, they became "Capitalism's shining" in the East. There was a budding Socialist government in Afghanistan until the US funded the Taliban so they could do imperialism.

  7. Stop being a child and whining, talking about broken promises… They've had to go back in to get foreign nationals and your own citizens out… They're pretty much the only people who can do it

  8. Its fuckin PHENOMENAL how quickly our govt moves ..when it comes to moving troops HALF WAY AROUND THE FUCKIN WORLD….. yet can't figure out how to get 2000$ checks, a living wage and healtcare……Weird..

  9. I would normally say that this a broken promise but due to the fact that the taliban have literally taken over the country I go genuinely think these troops will leave once everyone has been evacuated

  10. Why TF do you think it’s our job to re-build their shitty country?! What ever happened to going to war where you actually destroy their shit and then take every resource they have (aka: oil) snd then leave?! When did we decide to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars to destroy shit just so we can spend even more taxpayer money to give them brand new shit?! It makes zero sense to me.

  11. This isn't a re-invasion, it's an evacuation. It's the opposite of an invasion.

    The Taliban isn't interfering. Arrangements seem to be in place. The US is out.