Biden BREAKS RECORD As The Biggest Doofus To Ever Sit In The Oval Office!


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  1. No Joe is not like our ounding fathers and as much as Trumo is the best President ever he should not be past of mt.rushmore……………at least yet lol…maybe after his next 2 terms lol

  2. They only approve in those two regions as most living there are well above median average income. The only thing Joebama has in common with the Founding Fathers is he sits in the Whitehouse, or at least a studio version of it in his basement. This man is the single worst president in the history of this country. He should be impeached and jailed for his foreign ties to nefarious, socialist dictators and the profits that serving them over U.S. civilians has brought him.

  3. Yeah, iI can believe even 5% of the country is for the disaster this has been. Thats what happens when criminals run the country and sell its infrastructure off piece by piece to the highest bidders.

  4. Oh, and anyone who thinks the "war" in Ukraine is a a real war is a fool…Putin's in on it from day one, and I think he double crossed them half way through when he outed there bio labs.

  5. How anyone can even be in the 30 % is beyond me
    This is a lie like all the polls during Hillary and trump campaign

    He has got to be near the single digits

    How anyone can even think he is doing a good job is unreal

  6. I sometimes think that if we were to get an X-ray of Brandon there would be clear evidence of a ventriloquist at work. Then he opens his mouth and gibberish comes out which puts the kibosh to that idea. The legacy media has their work cut out for them when they have to edit Mr. Mumbles for public consumption! No wonder he had to campaign from his basement. LGBFJB+

  7. The leftwing is crowdsurfing a corpse with Biden’s popularity trying to keep him afloat. He’s toast. Question is, how will they proceed? That’s what we need to be preparing for now. Newsom is the likely answer there. He’ll energize the loins of the cobweb caverns of the blue hairs that haven’t felt tingles there since God was a boy.

  8. I'm the crack pot tin foil beani idiot who predicted all this in 1983. Told ya so. Dems still have 7 mos to destroy America. Hang on too your hat as Nov gets closer. I doubt Reps will do anything. M McConnell, L Graham, M Romney, ocean of Dem Govnr's mayors DAs, judges, MSM, Soc Med Good luck.

  9. I'm going to puke they're putting his picture in between two of the following fathers are you out of your minds you liberals or do you want to be called far left Democrats or do you want to be just called Liars?!!

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