Biden Calls Kamala “President Harris” Amid Chinese Peace Talks, China SLAMS US As Weak And Crumbling

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  1. The biggest problem we have right now isn't the fact that most of the American press is still stupid enough to keep covering for Biden or worse that there are stupider people who believe it after all they've seen, it's the fact that no matter how the press disguises it you can't trick other world leaders and right now America is almost at its knees! Weakness like we've never shown!

  2. Kamala in her woke sneakers and concept of "fweeedom" will be worse…she ain't no Merkel…

    despite Merkel policies screwing us up with migrant crisis she is a formidable politician not "identity politics pandering TP"

    your focus on pendering and cringe does not spell strength..never will…

    let's not forget not even 2% of dem voters wanted her…so Tim…stick w/'s not that he's weak it's that they are making a mockery of themselves with woke BS and none of them can now undo it

    to all of us is what we see as your top weakness…I only feel sorry for the decent normal ppl who never wanted this..but this will cost us all ..yes all ..not just you the new hegemon is rising and all of us must now find our place under the Sun hoping new proxy conflicts won't intensify

  3. Biden's election couldn't have come at a worse time. We needed a mentally competent and assertive president like Trump now to maintain global peace.

  4. Ford moving to mexico
    Lost a lot of jobs that could of help mid class and poor
    America is completely divided
    This is a laughing joke and hpe china takes over

  5. it sounds to me that if Biden is calling her "President", then he already has transferred the power… only keeping up appearances now until its made public.

    think about it. She is already doing his Job (On the phone w/foreign leaders, ect.), You be the Judge.

  6. Biden didn’t move the needle though. We were already distributing vaccines at that rate under trump. Biden did nothing but try to take credit for the trump administration’s accomplishments. I get you want to objectively give credit where it’s due, and I respect that. But just because he claims he did something good doesn’t make it true. We ought to basically assume he’s either lying or delusional whenever he makes a claim that he accomplished something at this point, and we ought to know better than to take leftists, politicians, mainstream media at their word.

  7. If this country DOES split between dem and rep states, Nevada will be added to the dem states, and that means I'm gonna have to move before something like this happens

  8. Only 1/3 of voters doubt Biden's mental capacity… People are in deep sleep man. My neighbor said she thinks she got Covid back in 2017. I'm like "do you only get your news from walky-talky interference?"

  9. Why no fact check blue box YT? I figured there would be some pandering for China about how it is the greatest and most free country ever.

  10. There are 2 reasons why I believe the Democrats fucked over Bernie Twice:
    1: He actually cares about the American people and would've done what he can to help
    2: He couldn't be controlled and wanted someone weaker and feeble as Biden to take the seat so they can tell him what to do
    But, Bernie had his chance to speak up about his own party screwing him over and didn't say a word. He let it happen for some reason.