Biden Camp Issues WARNING That Polls Are WRONG, Trump And Republicans Already Have HUGE Advantages

Biden Camp Issues WARNING That Polls Are WRONG, Trump And Republicans Already Have HUGE Advantages. The Polls are wrong and even the Democrats know it.

Trump has voter registration predicting a win in key battleground states and he is performing well in early voting and mail in voting.

But while Democrats are worried that the polls are wrong and they are under performing they are still winning. Republicans need to get out the vote and for some reason aren’t showing up in early voting numbers which could spell doom for Trump on election night.

An influx of Republicans could actually cost Trump votes if polls get overwhelmed by in person voting on election night.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Hey Tim I've your work I truly do. Just a thought have you ever thought making a TimPool bobble head? For real your friggen perfect for a bobble head I'll buy 1 just think about dude.

  2. Orange man= anti trust laws= bad. That’s the reason for big tech censoring. Same reason the ccp wants Biden as president, to continue the American doormat way.

  3. The reason Republicans aren't voting early is because they are scared of being attacked bc of who they voted for. That's why my family hasn't gone to vote yet.

  4. Personally, I won’t be voting until Election Day because as you said Tim, enthusiasm levels for Trump are high and I’m making a personal holiday if it. I’ll be taking the day off, putting on a nice suit with my Trump 2020 pin on the lapel, and contributing to the hopeful landslide in his favor come Election Day. I’ll be throwing an Election Day Party at my place with queso, beer, wine, and more and planning a celebration!

    I have to wonder how many other Trump voters are doing the same, not turning out in person today because they plan on showing up in person on Nov. 3.

  5. You young people don’t know what America was like before the crime family moved into Washington ! Don’t blow it vote trump or you won’t ever have a future

  6. What about the voters impressed with Trump's 4 years of kept promises, unlike any other politician? Now we know he ACTUALLY does what he says he'll do. That does insert a factor we haven't had in past elections…

  7. I'm a life-long Democrat.
    I just registered as Independent.
    I'm voting for TRUMP this time.
    I won't vote for ANY Democrat, for ANY position, at ANY time, EVER again! (I Live in Portland)

  8. Think about if the democrats had a rock-solid candidate, one that both sides of the aisle would potentially vote for. Think about how difficult it would be then to get a Trump victory.
    But instead they have sleepy Joe, and you honestly think dems could landslide across the board??

  9. Tim you may have answered your own question about Republicans not showing up for in person early voting. You said in some places you can vote early. My guess is there are likely more opportunities to vote early in person in big cities rather than rural towns.

  10. You don't can wish that the polls are wrong at the same rate than 2016. In 2016 the polls overestimated Clinton in the rustbelt, that is true and in Wisconsin the polls were simply wrong and the real result was far beyond any normal margin of error. But at the same time the polls underestimated Clinton in the sunbelt. If the polls 2020 are wrong as 2016, Biden would anyway win most of the rustbelt, because his lead is big enough but he would also win AZ, TX and GA, because 🙂 Therefore you can only hope, that the polls are more accurate than 2016
    And really? You think the NY Post is a real newspaper? ROTFL. Rudy just said he went to the post, because they don't fact check their stories 🙂

  11. I scheduled vacation November 3rd
    I am voting in person and I don't care how long the line is.
    Not watching the returns though.
    The real fight will be in the weeks after the election when democrats start "finding" mail in ballots, every single one for Biden of course, and try to say Biden won in a landslide.
    Is going to the United States Supreme Court.