Biden Campaign ADMITS The Polls Are WRONG, Trump Is Actually Winning ALREADY In Some Areas

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  1. Our British newspapers are trying to interfere with the election on Trump's side as if he is re-elected there is an agreement that he will become British and receive a title from the Queen in return for him returning the US to British rule where it belongs. This is why we Brits voted to leave the EU as they don't like member states to have colonies. The BritAnon people have discovered the secret negotiations where the British plan to take advantage of the fact that about 50% of the US population may be stupid enough to vote Democrat and are therefore easily confused and need to be guided by a benevolent overlord. There is expected to be a few days of rioting after the takeover as Antifa halfwits won't be able to tell the difference between the Union Flag and the Confederate Battle Flag because they both have a saltire cross and the Lefties will intially think the South has risen again as the Union Flag replaces the Stars and Stripes across the country. Once the elites in the US realise that they will become eligible to be raised to the House of Lords as Earls, Viscounts,Dukes etc they will quickly cut funding for Marxist groups, bringing peace to the land. Countess Pelosi of California and Joseph, Ist Duke of Bidenland will push vigorously for the loyal subject Benedict Arnold to be added to Mount Rushmore, after the removal of the traitors Washington and Jefferson, in recognition of his heroism in defying the terrorist revolutionaries. God Save the Queen!

  2. I'd be willing to bet Trump is the only one that would actually leave the country based on the election. All these other people have been saying this every election of my adult life.

  3. Come on man! (To quote Biden) are we surprised? I can't believe Trump is losing when there is a 30k car Caravan supporting him and his rallies are jam packed. Of course the polls are wrong. If Biden does win in the end, there is something wrong and his administration needs to be investigated

  4. Joes a security risk and should be disqualified as president. He doesn’t qualify for the highest clearance. End of story. He and his family are undeniably corrupt.

  5. D on't doubt for a second that the Demo-craps would turn over Heaven and Earth to put our Beloved President in jail if they had a chance in hades of winning. They wouldn't stop at that. We watched Oberman's video and laughed at him, saying that he lost his mind . Big Tech would hand a long list they created over the past 4 years of Trump supporters to the organized crime network aka the Democrat party. These people would be targeted, harassed and set up to be arrested for crimes with baseless accusations.
    I know that it might seem like I am overreacting but with everything that we have learned over the past year that the Demo-craps have done, does it really seem so impossible? Thankfully, we won't have to find out because we are going to be a Red Tsunami on election day!

  6. trump will run in 2024 and bernie will be his democrat opposition and trump will be like "look! another old cronie i have to beat out of the election after theyve had years in politics"

  7. The most important thing is that we retake the house and hold the senate as well, that is the only way Trump will be able to do his job unimpeded, the RINOs have largely been defanged, any newly elected republican will likely be pro-trump and have no choice.

    It doesn't matter what state you're in, if you support Trump vote for him and any republican across the board. Trump winning the popular vote would be hilarious. At least on election night before the false ballots start coming in.

  8. Bruce Springst. won't leave when President Trump gets re-elected, BUT if Biden gets elected (God forbit) the super rich will leave and move to countries where they won't have to pay taxes, like Monaco, Belize, etc. We, the middle class, however will get stuck with higher sales taxes, property taxes, gasoline tax etc.

  9. Why doesnt Tim talk about the 2019 British election at all, when this EXACT same scenario was playing pre-election, with Communist Corbyn and MSM propaganda trying to say election is neck and neck and then the Shy Tory phenomenon happened and Tories delivered an 80 seat majority and the Communist Labour party suffered worst result in their 100 year history, and even working class areas that had never voted Tories EVER voted them over Labour because WE DID NOT WANT TO GO ANYWHERE NEAR SOCIALISM!!! Seems like exact same thing will play out in US.

  10. No you won't, im a 24yo latino from AZ(born and raised) voting by mail (early voting ballot) for trump, you guys are not going to win Az. I even know a couple of undocumented immigrants that say that if they had the ability to vote, they'd vote trump. Az is republican, no matter how many Californians move here

  11. I think people are FINALLY getting it: Corporations WANT Biden, everyone else whom realizes while Trump isn't "perfect" he actually will atleast represent some of the best interests of the people.

  12. If Trump looses we war Tim. We do not wait for the next election. That is freedom suicide. Ots win by the ballet box of kill the tyrants. There are no other choices. Allowing Democrats to keep office for 4 more years with their current platform is unacceptable