Biden Campaign is SPIRALING As Backfire From Riots Goes From Bad To Worse, Democrats BLAME Trump??

Biden Campaign is SPIRALING As Backfire From Riots Goes From Bad To Worse, Democrats BLAME Trump? Joe Biden’s Campaign financially supported BLM bail funds and Kamala Harris called on people to provide funds for the BLM bail fund as well.

This money is used to get the far leftists out of jail. This is clear and direct support for the far left.

yet now Biden and Democrats are desperately trying to claim that Trump is responsible for the riots even though he has consistently called them out and offered law enforcement support. Democrats of course rejected it every time.

Now polls are starting to flip in Trump’s favor as the riots backfire on Democrats.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Blaming Trump for this is like German's blaming everyone else for WW2 because if they hadn't fought back hey it would've just been genocide. Or arsonist blaming fire fighters for the damage arson does

  2. Humm saw this coming….well no matter who wins this election BLM/ANTIFA is still going to riot and burn shit down. Trump is still the better option hands down.

  3. The excuse these people give is that stores have insurance. Riot insurance, like insurance against war damage, is EXTREMELY expensive, and smaller owners don't have it. I wonder what kind of insurance the trucking companies have to pay, to send a truck into these cities… wanna bet it's a lot? You can see this in Detroit. The 1968 riots destroyed a lot of businesses. You can see their ruins today- nobody rebuilt. Risk is too high.

  4. I,m a bit confused i started following you because i do dont trust the media but i dont support trump i to believe the media is pushing a narrative that in my opinion is pushing us to a 1984 type of world . but it seems to me your more of trump supporter than a person just trying to give us the truth the main stream media will give us. so which is it. are you a pro trump supporter or a guy try to give the truth about whats actually happening in our country. i think you should get from behind the mic and go out and give us some on the seen reporting because sitting in a studio pointing fingers in fine but on the ground reporting and showing the truth as it happens would like you actually stand behind what you belive

  5. Tim there is a reason why the Rioters and looters haven't come to the Republican area to demonstrate.They won't put up with it! Well the only reason I can give you is a somewhat polite one .lot of protesters and riders will go missing Sad to Say about lives lost over young stupid idiots!!!!!

  6. Four companies own 90% of the media landscape. That should tell you everything. Look up "Bernie Blackout Media Landscape" – a documentary by VICE, and it'll show you who the behemoths are that's sitting on all our media

  7. Hi Tim, I’m becoming concerned for your well being… you are a truth teller and have cultivated a BIG audience ( of whom I am one) the FBI, CIA etc will be in great jeopardy when Our President is re-elected . Before the Hillary Clintons, Hunter Bidens and the likes of the Christopher Rays, Jim Comeys and John Brennans et- al go to Gitmo for a very long Caribbean vacation Donald Trump will HAVE to be re-elected to facilitate the prosecution of same and as such you have become the swamps enemy
    And the swamp has a LOT of resources
    PLEASE TAKE ALL NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS you are NOW on their who’s who of targets… it’s going to get WAAAY worse and they are going to fight, kick and scream real HARD and LOUD before any one of them sees the inside of a court room let alone the inside of a tribunal or prison cell

  8. That's how damn ignorant people are if they think Trump is a fascist! My grandfathers escaped a collapsed German, and the only fascism in America is the leftists not the right! That's how stupid they are! Or as George Soros puts it (the left are.. "Useful Idiots")