Biden CAVES To China Lobby On Solar Panels | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar are joined by executive editor of The American Prospect David Dayen to better understand the gift provided by Biden to the solar industry lobby by halting China tariffs

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David Dayen:

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  1. You mess with a powerful at your own expense. China and Russia will always find ways to exert pain to Western companies or citizens in response to short sighted sanctions

  2. this narrative of xinjiang using forced labor is BS, those families herd sheep and makes a few hundred dollars a year, now they can get a real job and make thousands a month, feeding their whole family, no one is being forced. America's plan is to sanction all of xinjiang products, empowerish those people locally and let them sink back into being easy targets to be terrorists, which is what happened the first time around, china's trying to turn those people into productive citizens. If anyone cares to look it up, xinjiang population and literacy rate went up 2x in the last couple decades, is that a successful genocide?

  3. Saaggar is so Full of shit, oh america has laws to protect children? what happened to flint water laced with mercury and lead that has still been poisoning children since 2015 and no one has fixed it? where's the proection? and dont get me started on school shootings. You can definitely get away with anything in america, just stop with the bigory and holier than thou double standard.

  4. This boils down to the same problem we've always had with globalization in general, and why we got hit so hard during the pandemic: It will ALWAYS be cheaper in China due to lax environmental & labor regulations. This topic is about solar, but it doesn't matter what the topic is, it'll always be cheaper there. Especially if we're talking about upping the minimum wage here.

    So the solution needs to attack imports more generally, IMO. Don't get me wrong, I love paying $5 for a USB dongle on Amazon and getting it in 2 days, it's great for consumers, and it's great for the businesses that sell said dongles, great for the economy and polls, but it's terrible for the jobs that are lost b/c those are all made overseas. And it's terrible for reliability of supply chain.

    I'm not trying to say all global trade is bad, but we shouldn't be in this place where literally ALL of our goods come from China. It makes us entirely dependent on them and when they have issues, our system completely falls apart. If they try to tackle this 1 industry at a time (ie. just writing legislation regarding solar panels) it'll always be an issue. I think it needs to be fixed at a more fundamental level than that. Like import tariffs so US companies are able to compete while paying workers minimum wage. It'll mean higher prices for customers, which I guess will be some form of inflation, but it'll build jobs and it'll build self-reliance.

  5. This is just anti China propaganda, with the so called uiyger forced labour issue and dirty coal. The US is economically hurting, instead of blaming other SE countries, why not just pass a national home production/installation law only! Easy! Don’t blame China, blame the US business leaders!

  6. He lost me going on about forced labour nonsense. How many times does this trope gets dragged out by these lazy so called journalists. WMDs all over again.

  7. HOW can we get The People from different SOCIO CULTURAL beliefs Working Together on the Economic and Financial Issues?! How about a True Live and Let Live philosophy on Socio Cultural in which NO ONE messes with KIDS or claims only they Have It All Right, so that we can have SOLIDARITY on the Financial/Economic ?! This Solar Panel thing is Absolutely Intolerable Anathema!!!

  8. Please identify the state that uses unpaid, forced labor for convicted felons in this country! Typically inmates as a part of their punishment and rehabilitation in this country are required to work in prisons and are paid wages for their efforts. Those jobs include menial tasks within each prison system that benefit that benefit prisoners and the system. Typically in New Jersey they manufacture shoes, boots, mattresses and clothing that the inmates wear and use while incarcerated. In minimum security status they are allowed to work within the community where they do clean up along the edges of highways and roads within New Jersey. They don’t manufacture Nike sneakers that sell for $200 and are marketed worldwide! Once their prison or county sentences are done, they go home and they get to continue life within the community, forced labor worldwide on the other hand is a lifetime commitment for those people!

  9. Funny how the government always favors the wealthy. Just don't care about the people who pay the bills. "We The People." Thanks for highlighting the misdirection, sending "dirty work" overseas so they look "green."

  10. If China is selling them at less then cost why not let them subsidize our solar while we build out our own solar production while subsiding our own solar!

  11. Must be nice getting green energy from slave labor and that much of factories are power by coal , gas, and oil. Not to mention that the part need hard rubber which also come from oil

  12. He caved to the Saudis. He caved to China. He caved to the fossil fuel industry. He caved to gun lobbyists. He caved to the woke mob. He caved to Manchin and Sinema….

  13. I live in the south where it’s mostly sunny 80% of the time so I agree solar can work in a degree. I believe 4 solar panels connected to some batteries on a house/building would help reduce costs and add a backup withought a generator immediately

  14. "Forced labor" with no evidence, are you a news reporter or a propaganda outlet? Source your claims, you're accusing China of slavery while not at all pointing towards or demonizing US prison labor!

  15. Doesn't this just mean the tariffs are lifted for future sales? Surely it doesn't retroactively apply? Thus these circumvention cases should still be able to move forward?

  16. What?! Beijing Biden caves to his corporate masters?!? Shocking. I just love how the alarmists justify the idea of "green" energy which actually results in more global emissions because the products are made with dirty carbon energy. Not to mention their willingness to look past those pesky horrific human rights issues!

  17. OK…it's complex…but here's the problem. When you get protectionism, the protected industry uses that to gouge prices.

    I am heavily involved in neighborhood solar. What we are trying to do is bypass the corporations who install solar and train local people to do it. It's not really that hard for any competent carpenter and electrician. You make it affordable for the local homeowner and keep the money paid for installation IN the local community.
    (Initially, solar was only sold to well off people who wanted to be "Green". The companies were charging FAR more that the job was worth on a parts and labor basis…some times three times the real/fair cost.)
    Solar panel prices…the main component cost of a home solar system…has been trending downward in recent years making the payback period…the time it takes for you to earn back the cost of installation in energy generated…shorter, making it more attractive to people who DON'T have disposable income.

    Let's be clear…distributed, democratic solar generation needs a LOT of people to do it to be significant. Otherwise, you are just leaving energy…and green energy generation…to the big corporations. Who will charge whatever pleases their investors. The real benefits of solar, which falls in sufficient quantity on EVERY house to eventually take care of ALL that homeowners energy needs., will be again, co-opted by big capital.

    To the point…since the beginning of the year, solar panel prices have been going back up…for the EXACT SAME panels.

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