Biden Challenges Arizona to a Push-Up Contest – Razör Rants

Now listen, you dog-faced pony soldier…




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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


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  1. Hello, fellow blackpills. Be sure not to vote.

    Biden's just going to cheat. Because there's no new election security laws.

    Which is why he's spending millions suing Arizona to stop one.

    Cuz he's not worried.

    About the laws.

    That aren't being passed.


  2. Wow, it is like they are trying to replace the citizens who don't vote their way with illegals to tip elections…nah that is just a conspiracy theory 🙄

  3. You should really give Rocka Rolla another chance. "Run of the Mill" is a fantastic song, with a spectacular vocal finale from Rob at the end. Cheater too, is great and underrated. The album is a bit more slow and psychedelic, and by no means their best work in any regard, but a pretty solid album as long as you don't hold compare it too closely to the rest of their discography.

  4. If voting mattered, they wouldn't let you do it. Diaper Joe may not try to steal the midterms, but the demoRATS will make sure Kamala is the sitting president from januray 22.2023 til january 2031
    8 years of uncontrollable cackling

  5. Don't underestimate Biden's abilities in a push-up contest. Biden's always ready to hit the ground hard, whether he's walking up stairs or riding a bike.

  6. Honest to god I was Black Pilled for a minute, until I said to myself, what is my other options? I can moan on the internet, I can stick a gun in my mouth, or I can put on a fresh pair of panties, and butch the fuck up! I CHOSE THE LATTER. Let's take these communist fucks down hard!

  7. If any law should be forced through, it's banning people who don't support borders or citizenship and thus certainly don't think the US should exist, from holding office.

  8. If you ever want to win against Biden, do nothing and he'll lose. Want to see him run away scared? Insist on drug testing. Whatever they got him hooked on isn't doing Biden any favors.

  9. Damn, I haven't checked in on Razorfist for years. He was still somewhat reasonable when he did his first "give Trump a chance" vids in 2016 but holy eff. Dude's gone off the deep end! 😀 Full Trumpian coco-mode. Damn, really used to like his Metal Mythos. Razorfist is a smart guy, I suppose there must have been a moment when he realized that he had gone a bit too far into the crazy to return. That moment when he knew his audience consisted mostly of whacko Q-Anon conspiracy nutters and he knew there was no way back: to dilute the crazy would be to lose the core audience with NO way to gain a saner one. Never go full Trump, as they say. I suppose that's why he's mostly hiding behind video game vids nowadays. Pity, but there it is. The devil WILL drag you to hell in a single hair (literally reference completely lost on ALL of Razorfist's fans).

  10. I have started to become more black-pilled over the last ten years. You can change a politician here or there, but in the end, we are heading for a massive depression. The left and right will blame it on each other, and the discourse will stay focused on what the crazy other side is doing. All the while the rich run the show with lobbying to ensure they stay rich without adding any value to anyone's lives. Candidate Trump told America basically it doesn't matter who wins this election, Me, Hillary, or Jesus himself. This economy is a house of cards that will flush out as you have never seen. Then when he became president and JP tries to put rate hikes on auto pilot in 2018 Trump threatens to fire him. Gotta keep the stock market up… Then when he runs for re-election he tells everyone his badge of success is a high stock market. Now that inflation built up for 10 years of QE and things are going to crash people will just blame whoever is currently in power. Proves Trump was right not to allow interest rates to go back to normal because people are too stupid to assign him any blame for how bad things get after he is gone. And if Biden is lucky he will try to pull the same stunt. Short term fixes at the cost of long term future devestation.

  11. As I have said, if you're not shooting leftists, you will not change anything! AZ should go the extra mile! Make it illegal to be a leftist scum in Arizona.
    Anyone caught will be arrested and worked in labor camps along the borders building defensive walls.

  12. Without us blackpillers mocking the traitorous GOP, you eager go getters wouldn’t have been inspired to get off your asses to get this shit done. You’re welcome, Mr. Fist.

  13. Danny there is photographic evidence of you dry punishing your puny paltry pud.
    It is funny watching this mongrel bite and gnaw at the mange mites infesting it's own depilated flesh. << That's an allegory noting an irony of Onanistic self own on Danny's part. .

  14. How the fxck have I never seen this channel before? Styx was talking about you so I looked you up. You should go on his midterms Livestream. Fxck man get salty cracker on there too. That would be awesome

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