Biden Commits The DUMBEST ACT In Political HISTORY… What An Absolute Incompetent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I look at the so called hand if Biden… It does not look like an 80 year hand… Whose under the mask posing as Biden?????

  2. Trump DIDN'T get voted out of office. They fucking cheated and everybody knows it. Theres a reason the left and the FAKEstream media are attacking the audit in Maricopa County 24-7. They already know that theres going to be a ton of discrepancies. They already know it, so theyre trying to get the jump on badmouthing the audit. Maricopa County WONT be the cat to get out of the bag and they ALL know it.

  3. The only problem I see if trump was re-elected, the administration of his will do everything in their power to deter any good trump tries, trump is not the one who can fix things, it's removing the swamp to make America great.

  4. Biden: Please do not cyberattack these 16 parts of our infrastructure.
    Putin: Thanks, I'm sire this list will be a great help. Btw., what about everything else?

    Trump: You cyberattack the USA and we'll sanction you into a recession that would make 1929 look like an economic miracle.
    Putin: …I don't think we will need to go that far.

    I think Biden gave Putin the list to claim it had to be Russia when one of the 16 is attacked. Then the cold war can commence, the Nato 'helps' the Ukraine and with Russia as the big bad wolf established, focus will be taken off of China.
    The USA has become weak under Biden. Russia might have nukes, but economically, they are no threat tho the united states. Unlike China, which I think the USA is aware will economically curbstomp them, after what the government under Biden/Harris has done since January, and make them bleed heavily in a military conflict. I only hope the air force has their maternity flight suits ready.

  5. Un fn believable…just imagine if President Trump had done something so incredibly dumb as to give a possible enemy a target list of all of our weaknesses. The stupidity just boggles the mind.

  6. Does this mean we should learn French and Russian? It appears our Fearless Leader doesn't care. Wonder how much money the Biden family was enriched with for selling us out

  7. Almost nobody voted for Biden.
    Trump got more votes than any President in history.
    We are a captured state under foreign occupation.

  8. He gave them a list of targets to go after….. What a moron. Telling your enemy what he can and cannot attack… How do you plan to back that up, Joe…fire off a nuke? H3ll He couldn't remember the codes.

  9. Orange man bad…I'm only a dimwit senile demented old man…I'm better.!! I don't insult people. I can't. I forgot how.

  10. Joe thinks he was at some sort of fraternity get together.
    I never seen one picture or video of him in front of the pack of leaders. He was always following.

  11. Joe Biden- here is the list of our weak points…

    Every enemy and terrorist organization; vigorously writing down each point!

    Jen saki- if u didn’t get the list of our weaknesses don’t worry I’ll circle back!

  12. So democrats: Ooooh amasing he gave them a list of infrastructure that is off limit. 16!!!!
    The rest of the world: So first you give them targest that would make them the most money.. WHY THE FCK NOT .. EVRY IN THE US is OFF LIMITS from hacking. He is literally saying, "it is fine to hack anything not on this list".

  13. Has everyone seen that this dude is a globalist puppet, whose job it us TO make us weak? Invasion is coming, folks. They just need the Right to get violent, so they can call it a white supremacist uprising/Race War, in order to beg for help from the U.N. troops for "peacekeeping purposes", then after we engage them, the Chinese send in 400+million soldiers. More than one trained soldier for every man woman and child. Then, China keeps the North American continent…..China inherits the world shortly after, because no one else could stand a chance against them. DO NO GET VIOLENT. The news wasn't for us. It was for the rest of the world, who has no idea the news is blatantly lying about "white supremacy". It's painting a picture so no one feels bad to invade us "racist Nazi supremacists". They don't know it's not real. Think about it. The news wasn't for us, who all knew it was ridiculous.

  14. Biden is a complete buffoon idiot, I'm not surprised by anything that he does or says. His career history speaks for itself. You can pretend deny and make up anything you want to but facts are facts. The perspective and reaction of the media and Democratic Party was polar opposite of reality. They are like watching an episode of The Twilight Zone.