Biden COMMITS To War With China On Taiwan | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar present the commitment made by Joe Biden to sending US forces to defend Taiwan from an invasion by China

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  1. Yet every single time he's pulled this stunt and the WH refutes supporting Taiwan, Biden hasn't pushed back against them. Everyone is laughing at Biden because his foreign policy approach has always been very poor.

  2. No one seems to be mentioning this so I will. Unlike Ukraine the United States has three distinct vital, VITAL, interests in Taiwan.

    1. The straits represent strategic control of that entire portion of the Chinese sea, both militarily and in terms of vital US commerce and supply chains.
    2. One of the three major trans pacific cables that carries data runs right by Taiwan and for security reasons we absolutely cannot let that be under the control of China. They would literally have access to all of the data that passes through.
    3. They currently manufacture, I believe around 80%, of our micro chip infrastructure. That we can change over time but in the short term we absolutely cannot seed control of it to China.

    War to defend American interests might be required. We don’t really need Ukraine, we need Taiwan

  3. Taiwan is our leading chip maker and one of the only places certain chips come from so at this point we have to defend them. Do think massive US companies would stand by and say, ok let China take Taiwan?

  4. Please get a specialist on the show who can demonstrate exactly how dependent we (currently) are on China Vs. how dependent we THINK that we are. If Americans are deluded on this, then we need to straighten ourselves out!

  5. I dont think biden is greenlighting or in charge of anything he cant even scoop his own ice cream, the people in charge are the ones in the White House that come right out after bidens says anything wrong they immediately contradict him..

  6. Obviously we would attack china over this it would destroy us and anything is on the table with an attack on Taiwan better to put them in their place now than allow the savages to think they can take over Taiwan.

  7. "co equal branches of government"

    that means a branch of government is moving from the one china policy, there's also the increased weapon sales, the carrier trips around taiwan, the administration is moving away from "strategic ambiguity"

  8. I love you guys it's really lazy promo at the end of every video where you beg for money you know the definition of ebegging and you guys refuse to use contractions and you sound like robots " that is why we are trying to do this or that God forbid you say that's why we're doing"

  9. Why did the Korean War start? Because a state dept official was asked by the press 'what would the US do if North Korea attacked South Korea. He said 'we would not get involved'. A very short time later, Stalin told the North Koreans to attack South Korea. The folks a Breaking Points are wrong almost all of the time.

  10. Where are you getting this preposterous idea that America has Co equal branches of government? Can the executive branch order the judicial branch to not do something?
    Do I need to ask you again?
    Of course they can't but the judicial branch seems to think that even the lowliest among them can literally control American foreign policy a judge in Hawaii can literally set out an order the contradicts the president's order and supposedly we're supposed to follow that order? I know that if I were the president of the United States like many other presidents in the past I would ignore any order from the judicial branch that wasn't from the supreme Court because only when we rise to the level of the supreme Court or we're starting to become equal but it's not a co-equal branch if a judge in Hawaii can control American foreign policy but the president can't order that Court what to do there's nothing equal about that furthermore I would say that unless both Congress that is a majority of the Senate and the house agree and the supreme Court agree on a single item that I don't have to listen to them if I'm the president if I decide that a law that Congress has passed but I haven't signed even if they've overridden it isn't in the best interest of the nation and I'm the president I'm going to go ahead with what it is I want to do unless and until the supreme Court steps in and agrees with the majority of Congress so that would require 2/3 majority and the supreme Court now we're talking about two of the three Co equal branches down voting me as president president's also 100% control the justice department the president is the chief executive in charge of the justice department and there's been two ideas the last couple of decades that are laughable the first idea is that the justice department including the FBI are independent they are not they are the tools of the president. They are political organizations that are to do as the president sets forth political policy and second the idea that a district court in the federal system can order the executive branch what to do they can't I wouldn't even consider any order unless it came from the supreme Court as president and in the past that's how presidents used to be in fact is even if a supreme court came up with something the president didn't agree with he wouldn't necessarily go ahead with it he would just ignore it because as one president said once that's fine let him have their order let's just see them try to enforce it because they can't because the president is the chief executive in charge of the military and the justice department which means all federal police the courts don't have any jurisdiction to order the police to do anything other than put out a piece of paper that the president can then countermand so in less than until we get a president that has the balls to do the right thing and act as a co-equal branch of government we don't have to equal branches of government

  11. Saager is Indian and I have lived in India. Indians don't really understand geopolitics, Otherwise, they would not have been so friendly with the Soviet Union during the Cold War and Putin more recently. Biden is the leader of the free world. He has to convince the West that the US is still a reliable ally. India is continually bullied by China and it is a cowardly country. More is expected of the US.

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