Biden Confronted Over a Crime Bill So He Lies

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  1. Every Biden supporter aware of the '94 crime bill: "He made some mistakes."

    No he didn't. He didn't care about any of the communities this affected. "It doesn't matter."

  2. The black caucus supported the bill because they're a bunch of corrupt sellouts who will support anything that furthers their political clout inside the party.

  3. No it opened the door for private prisons to be built because its always been about profiting off of incarceration of as many people as possible no matter the crime or even if there was a crime such as in my case where they made up false attempted murder charges that they arested me on then when I was cleared of that by ATF they made up lesser misdemeanor charges of paraphernalia and theft that were not punishable by imprisonment but put me in prison anyway. Took 5yrs to get into supreme Court to beat it because public defender was in on it. Basically ruined my life.

  4. The 1994 crime bill made states in order to get the funding have mandatory sentencing of those convicted do a minimum of 80% of their time. No chance of parole. This led to mass incarceration of black/brown. Joe Biden has yet to answer for. Now he says he for “diverting funds” from police department? ??

  5. 9:12 “ Bill Clinton wasn’t the lesser of two evils. Do you think the Lett would have let the Republicans explode the prison population at the same time they gutted welfare?”
    I hear you, Jimmy. The Australian monoparty does it exactly the same way. Our truly hurtful “reforms” have been implemented under the putative Left Labor party.

  6. Trump says … Wen your famous they let u grab them by the pxxxy ..they talk about it for four years ….
    Joe biden assaults a women with his fingers they talk about for four minutes … They are dispicable …evil pieces of ?

  7. Joe Biden Foe President has 449 video ads running on this video as I watch it.

    Too bad none of them are targeted at the right audience. Lol

  8. The game of politics is a lot like the game of poker… the best liars win. Elections are a scam. The stockholders of the US Inc. choose who the CEO is and get the mail at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for the next 48 months. This particular round of the puppet show they put on for the public every four years is like Alien versus Predator. Either way, we all lose.

  9. what's worse, a republican who openly screws you over and tells you he will screw you over, or a democrat who tells you he is for you and then screws you over when you're not paying attention?

  10. Hes not even talking about preventive. In that second interview he says yes they are getting drug treatment BUT THEY R IN JAIL. That seems like the most important part of his crime bill. Now he is downplaying it. Still voting for him

  11. Trump has four years of tall tales, Joe has 47 of taller tales, most of which had a negative effect on the country and led us to here we are today. But, the Biden supporters do not want to hear it.