Biden Creates ‘MINISTRY OF TRUTH’ After Elon Buys Out Twitter

Guests: Sharyl Attkisson
@SharylAttkisson (Twitter)
Jack Posobiec
@JackPosobiec (Twitter)

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  1. Twitter servers and code will have backups. Companies have auditors that make sure they are compliant with standard data protection standards. The backups could be deleted sure, but that would be very obvious and suspicious

  2. The conversation has shifted from we never want censorship to what should be be censored and what shouldn’t. The Left is gaining ground on normalizing conversations about censorship sadly. How far is this going to shift?

  3. We are still in the early stages of our political and corporate elites battle vs the people to regain the control of information they had before the internet. Unfortunately they have convinced a whole lot of people fooled.

  4. Never trust a demonrat Marxist. They are evil just like Hitler, Mengele, and Goebbels. They care not about you or themselves, they just care about making the world in their image. Like Carter, Obama and O'Biden. Three self-haters.

  5. Orwell was not making predictions in his novels. He had been a socialist, he saw what resulted from such policies & philosophies.
    He wrote about what he saw happen.

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