Biden Declares Afghan War To End On 9/11 — For Reals!

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  1. Jimmy, please talk about making plans for a general strike on 9/12 of this year. Start making plans now and using your platform to get the idea in people's heads. We have nearly 5 months to set this up in advance. It's a clear date, everyone knows when it is, we just have to spend the next 4-5 months spreading the word and convincing people to be willing to walk off the job or not go in that morning.

  2. Remember when all of America was talking about how horrible they were for making all of their women wear the burka before going out in public ?
    Take a look around at what you're seeing when you go out in public now in your own country .

  3. No mention of the fake video on CNN showing a train load off tanks passing a Ukrainian rail station from an anonymous source saying it was a Russian troop movement.

  4. Not sure which is worse. Ending WWI on 11/11 at 11am, or ending Afghanistan on 9/11.

    The Biden Administration is either leaving to start another war elsewhere, or this is all just bluster.

  5. They will not completely leave Afghanistan, some CIA agents and other elements will remain on the ground to begin replicating the Syrian scenario in the Xinjiang region (China), to try to stop the new silk road project (Belt and Road Initiative).

  6. Maybe the next eleven or more should say. Game over. The clock's run out. Disarm byborder of the sane parts of humanity or it's OK corral time. But unfortunately U$ and allies though frankly the existential problem, may very well be more than the power on the sane side. And this cast of largely €uro characters has gone down that road a few times. America today like Europe half a millennia ago are just really good at war. At killing people. At theft and destruction.
    How can you miss the 911 Afghanistan nexus? Please get fucking adult about CIA Heroin etc etc. Afghanistan may be two decades extreme but it is also classic U$ofregimechangeA signature move. There is but one bully gangster cabal U$~UK~I$R~NATO and they are as on the absolute wrong side of history on the planet today as America was 1619 until 1865ish and every second until now Standing Rock has shown us, that it is, genocidally. With any speck of humanity today Standing Rock pipeline shit as an example, would be the furthest possibility… the racist hypocrisy piled on the racist history is racist hideous.
    Look at the board. The bases, the constant wars constantly stealing oil and bragging about it out of one side of the mouth and misrepresenting the reality out of the other side.

  7. Yep, we can't leave Afganistan because the Taliban will attack schools, but we don't guard our schools here in America… really makes you think