Biden Demands Justice Department Prosecute Trump Over Jan 6th


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  1. Biden and Obama set the kid up in that business.. It's not just the son, but who set him up in these dirty practices.. Biden couldn't give a crap about his family, no wonder they care little to nothing about him..Hunter a low rate drug addict.. Obama and biden the culprits..
    EDIT.. the like button has been removed on my page leaving only the dislike button available.. utube is trying to stop me from commenting.. they are taking my posts down as well.. and even on the softest comments trying to get me to remove them.. LET'S GO BRANDON

  2. We the People Demand the department of justice to 🔥 . Biden ,Killary , Piglosi , and hunter . with all this pedophiles that are ruining the United States. Let justice be done . let's go Brandon

  3. I demand everyone who supported BLM and Antifa, politicians, celebrities, corporate heads, news-media personalities and everyone else, be prosecuted for the 2 billion in damages, thousands of assaults and dozens of murders that they caused and applauded.

    These people have some ****ing nerve still carrying on about Jan 6th where no one died except for a non-armed woman who was murdered by their ilk. And this after the left's "mostly-peaceful protests," that saw, among other things, police stations, city blocks and government buildings taken over by violent, armed thugs.

  4. Should have actually dragged the insurrectionists from the building and put them in stacks in front of the national monument. Raskin, Blumenthal, Pelosi, Schumer and the squad.. the actual commies

  5. Funny how Grandpa could have just been a retired Senator taking kickbacks and no one would have said a thing but he had to take back the spotlight and become president and now his house of cards is going to come down around him because of his crackhead son. America will look back on this as the most embarrassing and vulnerable position it was ever in, in the history of the country. His legacy is forever one of weakness and corruption

  6. To me, this seems like the president is illegally using the federal government to prosecute his political opponents. And, it also seems to me that if the president will demand this, the president will also demand his son to not be prosecuted by the feds or prohibit the fake news from mentioning any of this or his activities.

  7. Nixon: "I am not a crook!" Biden: "Hold my laptop!" Harris: "Hold my heels up!"
    "She's a prosti…cutor!"
    It's like when the Nazis tried to solve their "public relations messaging problem" by putting "Arbeit Macht Frei" signs on the gates of their "controversial" death camps! This is the Marie Antoinette/Nasty Pelosi organic fertilizer ice cream parlor school of public relations! Allowing treasonous globalists to steal your elections has consequences: ;
    Biden comes off as a mindless idiot, which he is …but used for a very specific purpose: This remind's me of Billy-Bob Clinton's failed " I feel your pain!" strategy that flopped because Clinton had incorrectly assumed that he had succeeded in making most Americans miserable with his pre-scandal Rockefeller-globalist strategy to drive Americans to their knees for his anti-American "Jimmy Farter" demoralization agenda!
    It's straight out of "Meyer Lansky's" "Rules For Rat-ical Idiots" gaslighting manual from leftie Murder Incorporated woke communist Bolsheviks!
    Senator: "Could you define: Undercover woke anti-American Maoist SJW saboteur-in-drag?" Kamala Whoopie Brown Jackson: "Why, yes: … ME!" Marchin' through those institutions! What a great acid meme warrior! This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
    Did you see the Senate hearings to try to insert Whoopi Goldberg into the "highest court in the scam"? Could this arrogant, hubristic, spoiled little child be more condescending toward those who're so politely INTERVIEWING HER for a JOB? If you were in a job interview, and talked this way to your new potential boss, or his or her representative, do you think that they would hire YOU? Boy, I'd hate to have her in any position of responsibility!
    Nixon: "I am not a crook!" Biden: "Just become a democrat, and then, you can be! I mean c'mon, man … just look at me and Hunter …"
    And Whoopie Goldberg is running for the Obscene court? Who'd have guessed?
    Nixon: "I am not a crook!" Biden: "Job vacancy!"
    This is part of Obummer's Coward Pivot strategy to overwhelm our system so that the neo-Bolsheviks who hate America can "fundamentally transform" America into Pol Pot's Cambodia!
    Let's make peace and put a stop to the 9/11 "Fatherland Security" gestapo scam, Part Three! (Part Two was the fascist COVID overreaction).
    At this rate, Fuhrerbunker Biden will become the next Nikolai Ceaucescu: ;
    Simple to understand: Because Biden is a professional, Obamanable TRAITOR for the jealous vatican, among others! You can't humiliate a senile old, corrupt retard like Jesuit Joe Biden, who is serving his puppet masters' purpose with their Coward Pivot strategy to collapse the system to cause a neo-feudalistic papal "reset" and tyranny, and to restore the corrupt medieval Roman emperial Beast system.
    Fascist criminal insider trader Nancy Pelosi or elitist election thief Jesuit Joe talking about "democracy" is like Adolf Hitler decrying anti-Semitism. Where did fascism originate? What was the Lateran Treaty between Mussolini and VAT Tax City, and what did it do?
    Thinking that America won't be forced to defend Taiwan would be a Saddam Hussein-level of miscalculation!
    The worse it goes for Russia in Ukraine, the better for Taiwan:
    The Georgetown Jesuit-led CIA are setting up Biden into a two-front war, just as their earlier counterparts did to their boy Adolf when he had served his purpose for their goals for world conquest.
    Don't worry! Cowardly "Bugout Joe" will save the day by retreating with his tail between his legs, just like in Afghanistan! Putin is trembling … with laughter. Biden wants war because the CIA told him that Donbass would certainly win any war in Ukraine, and Biden thought they said "DUMBass" would win the war, and thought they were talking about himself! Biden needs a WAR! That old dog of Clinton's (that "won't hunt") needs a-waggin'! Why? Where did fascism originate? What was the Lateran Treaty between Mussolini and VAT Tax City, and what did it do? .
    Putin hates puppies! Biden loves cockroaches stroking the hairs on his …um … "legs", as they turn blond in the sun …
    Build Crack Better! Save Hunter's Ukrainian crack fund piggy bank, even if it causes nuclear war! And let's add one envelope for the big guy!
    State of the union: White horse VAT-ican City, Red horse Washington D.C. taking peace from the earth, Black horse Neo-Venice City of London financing the whole thing while corrupting and bankrupting targeted countries and innocent people as the "Financial Vipers of Venice" used to do during the middle ages on forward and as the money changers who were cleansed from the temple before that, Green, pale horse Apostate Harlot Jerusalem riding Jesuit 666/616 Beast for a papal reconquista-by-proxy crusade by "other means"! ;
    I believe it's a worldwide system of tyranny by ideological and religious cliques who seem to be using snippets from the Bible for some of their nonsense. George Orwell's book 1984 describing a system with four ministries which to me, seem to correspond to the symbolism of the four horsemen of the apocalypse: the Ministry of Truth, in charge of ideology/lies corresponding to the first, or white horseman/Jupiter? conquering with a bow (cupid's bow/upper lip in anatomy? signifying the mouth?) In Hoc Signo Vinces?
    I believe that Mussolini's Lateran Treaty established Vatican City as a literally fascist-approved legally exempt city state within a state, from which ideology could be issued. The Ministry of Peace, according to Orwell's story was in charge of war, Which I believe to be another modern legally exempt globalfascist-dominated city within a city where the U.S. Pentagon building is located, along with C.I.A. headquarters, and Georgetown University (the modern-day version of Ingolstadt University from which many believe the French revolution and terror to have been directed?), etc.
    This, I believe corresponds to the red horseman, Mars the Roman god of war, taking peace from the earth with a great sword. Orwell's Ministry of Plenty, in charge of keeping the masses in poverty, seems to me to correspond to the black horseman, Saturn the stern taskmaster impoverishing people with his pair of crooked balances through legal as well as financial manipulation.
    This in turn, I believe corresponds to the City of London's financial district which like "VAT Tax City"/Vatican City in Rome which is not subject to Italian law but rules itself, and like Washington D.C., which is not subject to the U.S. Constitution (the law of the LAND, but not subject to admiralty, or maritime law and vice versa) ironically enough, the queen of England is not allowed to enter the City of London (like asking a ship's captain permission to board his ship) without asking the Mayor of the City of London's permission!
    The fourth ministry in Orwell's book was the Ministry of Love (Venus) in charge of torture, which I believe to correspond to the "pale" or livid green horseman Death (Hades/hell followeth close behind this Venereal horseman, "Mystery Babylon", Venus).I think of how they're now using covid and medical tyranny, but also how in St. John of Patmos, who wrote the Revelation of St. John's Apocalypse, it shows a parody of Europa riding on the back of Jupiter, as an apostate Zealot/Judean harlot (Jerusalem prior to, and during the Judean revolt), as riding on the back of the Roman empire of the Julio-Claudians/Nero, etc. (pictured as the "great Beast 666, etc.) I believe that the present corrupt globalist system is now trying to establish modern-day Zealot/zionist (cryptofascist) Jerusalem as the fourth and final world capitol legally autonomous and exempt city state-within-a-state for whatever reason, and that President Trump's recent recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of occupied Palestine or so-called "Israel" has something to do with this papal "Reconquista"/"Final Crusade" attempt at reconquering control of Jerusalem by proxy, as it were.
    This is the system that I believe that you are up against, so pray regardless of whatever faith, or belief system you may subscribe to for Divine protection, wisdom and guidance, because "… we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of [a]the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places".
    God bless you! I know you are innocent, and standing up for the truth always! The crown, the vatican, the U.S. junta now openly in charge of their system and the zionist , Swiss, U.N. and many other forces are in collusion to play us all off against one another like the Joker in a recent Batman movie killing off his bank robbery gang one by one until only the Joker himself was left to keep all of the stolen money, only to ritually burn it along with his final Chinese accomplice in the end like the horns of the Beast/Roman Army tore the radical priestly Zealot/Judean harlot's flesh and burned her with fire in St. John's apocalypse /allegory or symbolic commertary of the Roman Judean war/uprising of AD 66-70 AD "great tribulation/time of Jacob's trouble"!
    This is only my opinion. Regardless, I support you completely, and am praying for you, and for your success. God and you make a majority!

  8. Ah, gaslighting at its finest. They couldn't give trump any win, they can't even walk Joe into a checkers win. When the investigation is over this won't end how Joe and the shagnasty folks want it to.

  9. You know the plan is prob to indict hunter now so joe can pardon him. Bc they know once we take over that can't be done! No one will pardon him in a Republican admin. I really don't want him indicted now. I hope you get what I mean! I want them all jailed but worthless if during his admin!

  10. Democrats are absolutely TERRIFIED about President Trump running again in 2024 and I’m loving it! Republicans are going to take back Congress in November, impeach Biden and take back the White House in 2024.

  11. I don't give any of the media a damned bit of credit for this – now that the "Bad Orange Man" isn't around for them to crap on, they don't have any stories left. It's no surprise the hyenas are finally going after Potatohead and his diseased offspring. Either that, or they're trying to regain a little credibility, so they can keep pretending that they're journalists and not cheerleaders.

  12. Evil always reacts in this fashion. Observe the seeming infantile attacks in desperation of the reality Trump is returning, and he is pissed off with supporters swelling in millions. There seems to be an ignorance of the communist mindset in being very careful and calculating using the original hubris and assumptions while unable to foresee their own coming destruction.
    It's the things which these miscreants can't see that is the ultimate downfall of communism hopefully in this generation.
    Trump will not only prevail, but the leftist seditionist ignorance also guarantees them demise.
    It's as if the liberal turned tyrannical doctrine comes complete with their own destruction.

  13. Everything they do now will reverse onto them. It’s like the Pharaoh Ramsey. Moses warned him but he started the reason for the the Passover. Maybe time to put the metaphorical blood on the front door. Put on the armor of God.

  14. They desperately need some new bullshit headlines (soon to be retracted) to cover the nuclear laptop. How did that 7hrs of missing audio turn out? What a mess. Everytime they do this shit the tides turn even more against this corrupt admin/gov.

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