Biden Dementia Moment as he Says He’ll ‘Develop Some Disease and Resign’ if he Disagrees with Kamala

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  1. Styx, it's time to get more into the conspiracy theories, because they keep getting proven true. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if it was hiding an ankle monitor and he won't be President, stop cuking to Biden being sworn in, there is far to much Evidence for that to happen, it would fracture the country as more then half the country can see this shit was stolen, also lots of shit happening behind the scenes, Trump is cleaning house in the intelligence agencies for a reason, the MOAB that will obliterate the deep state is coming when this election steal is stopped.

  2. Aired May 4, 2009 – 14:00 ET … And you may have heard the pushback to the term "swine flu. … PHILLIPS: Joe Biden at a train station. … to panic, and then along came the vice president saying boy, I wouldn't fly on a plane or get on a subway

  3. Imagine a PRESIDENT feings a disease because the VP wins an argument.

    WTF kind of administration. AND KUNTMILA smiles as if THAT was plan. "Yeah if we disagree .. HE GOES. How can anyone REALLY vode for this plane.

    I see a REAL USA-CCP war here and the fact SpaceX sen t3 ships in 3 days seems like Elon may have gotten the orders. and the last one was a ffucking TITANINNC SIZE monsterr that barely had any exaust.
    I am READY for this shit.. TIME to destroyed communism

  4. It's not jsut that Joe has the nuke codes if he were to win, its what would military do if they needed to use the bombs and Joe was just letting China or Russia select nuke us and calling for us to surrender?

  5. Can you imagine Harris having the nuke football and just crying and hyperventilating while a nuke lands on a city in the USA and she refuses to respond to it?

  6. I think "they" chose biden because they DON'T like him. Someone had to be the face of the stolen election. They through Joe under the bus by giving him the presidency.