Biden & Democrats PANIC As Rail Union REJECTS Deal, Strike Will NUKE Economy Just Before Midterms

Biden & Democrats PANIC As Rail Union REJECTS Deal, Strike Will NUKE Economy Just Before Midterms. A Rail Strike could cost the Economy $2 Billion per day and devastate Democrats chances in the midterms.

Republicans and Democrats are both trying to prevent a strike from occurring as it would ultimately just hurt the american people, which is respectable. But Democrats are the ones running the show and if the economy takes a hit voters will blame them regardless of whose fault it really is.

The GOP could then use this as well as skyrocketing crime rates as leverage to win more power in the november midterms.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Biden can literally kill people live on TV and Democrats would still vote for him. It’s about the educational system that completely vilified Republicans as absolute evil

  2. Lol the unions want 31% pay increase over the next 5 years, bonuses, and cash prizes.

    Meanwhile regular Americans have seen less than 5% over the last 24-36months.

    What a joke.

  3. Why would people believe Benedict Biden is dumping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is to reduce world oil prices? (haha)
    it was aptly named to represent its function in the defense of the United States.
    Trump refilled it.
    Bidden sold it to China and Russia.

  4. just look at the railroad industry in the book Atlas Shrugged and how the government delt with it, Fair Share laws incomming. the politicians kept harping on the industrialist's to "Pay Their Fair Share" ( sound famillure?)
    it is a great cautionary tale.

  5. According to Real Clear Politics about the direction of the country the net result is "Wrong Track +42". Not surprising. What is surprising is this: who on Earth are those 27% who thinks that the country goes in the right direction? Will anyone find out and find out why they think so?

  6. Georgie porgie doesn't have to deal with the consequences of his actions. He lives in an ultra secure enclave that your or I would never get access to. In his world, everything is fine and everyone outside his fortified walls may as well not even exist.

  7. Aurora is the second largest city in IL. by population so "second most populous city" would be more accurate. Also, Aurora is a western suburb not a north western suburb. Aurora's sister city Elgin is a north western suburb. Damn, I want a beef and a dog from Beef Villa now!

  8. The increasing gap between rich and poor is one of the biggest drivers of crime in the USA and lots of Americans are beginning to realise this. Furthermore, they have realised that white-collar crime mixed with drug crime is more damaging to the country than small time street crime.

  9. I still dont understand how any unions went for Biden!? I remember many unions supporting Trump but apparently some union leaders are woke scum who love shooting themselves and their workers in the foot! Fukn assholes! Honestly fuk unions! Ill never work for a union.

  10. It is simple: the Elite led by the Democrat Party and Perverse joe has one goal and one goal only: to suppress the blue collar workers in the US. That is why they support the inflation: they want to undermine the savings made under president Trump, they want to remove the freedom of choice if you have money, they want to force you to sell your home and live only as a tenant – just as in the Middle Age! They want to own all land and all homes, so they can blackmail and suppress you further. That is why Blackrock, Bill Gates & Co. are buying up homes and land. You have one choice: fight back or become a slave (again)!

  11. **News Alert**

    LiveNOWFromFox is currently reporting 30minutes ago, that Desantis sent 2 planes of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

    Now familiar with the source so this may or may not be accurate. But… it sure is an interesting reporting to follow through on it… Just saying.

  12. We'll see. Biden could always pull a President Reagan and declare the Rail Union Strike a "peril to national safety" and force them to work. Of course, the funny part is while the Left demonized President Reagan for doing that, they would probably celebrate Biden for doing the same thing, all while labeling the strikers as "Racists/Sexists/Insurrectionists" to boot.

  13. diabetics could just stop eating carbs, lol.
    sure, it makes prepping a little harder because you can't rely on fruit trees or grains or corn but at least you would survive without insulin.

  14. The railroad workers have been brutalized for decades, and this is something that has long been brewing under the surface. They get worked to death, don't get time off to go to the doctor, get paid trash wages for all their work, and are barely treated like human beings. Stand with the workers, not the unions or the elitist politicians who have screwed the workers over for decades.

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