Biden Disapproval Gap Nears Double Digit Range While Youngkin Takes Lead in Virginia

Which is officially when your polling is “bad”:


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  1. My biggest concern is that we LOL ourselves into oblivion… that the people controlling Biden from the shadows fortify their stations while we meme such that when the time for action comes, resistance will be futile, and the descent into American Totalitarianism will be complete and final.

  2. Democrats are now calling for re-education of firemen, police and healthcare workers who disagree with any mandates that Biden may dream up. Hail. our new Dictator, a senile, corrupt, Socialist/communist.

  3. Mouse vs. elephant metaphor was great. It supports my idea that the relationship between democrats and republicans is that of co-enablers. The democrats are narcissistic and the rinos are enablers. Once I thought of that, it all made sense.

  4. Why can't Styx get it through his stupid head that it doesn't matter how bad democrats do, or how much Republicans are in the lead in polls when they install every one and your vote literally doesn't count.

  5. Democrats have locked in Virginia… Big Tech has already decided the Elections Outcome.
    2018 midterms was a trial run… worked, they got the House
    2020 no holds barred, they got it all… and No One can say otherwise.
    Big Tech controls the Vote in this Country… We The People simply must comply with their results.

  6. I'm in VA, will be voting Youngkin on Tuesday, I'm also in Northern VA and I have never seen this many signs for a Republican candidate ….ever.

  7. symbology? now that duffy has relinquished his king bonehead crown i see we have an heir to the thrown. i'm sure the word you were looking for was symbolism. what is the sssssssymbolism there….?

  8. I feel sorry for Joe, he is in an impossible position.
    Joe can work about 10 to 15hrs per week, any more and he'll be too tired to make any sense.

    He needs an emergency "NAP" van, on stand-by at all times, naps are an old man's best friend, 2hr nap a shower, little food and he'll be fine, Trott him out again.

    VP Kamala Garris is a terrible public speaker, a very good prosecutor (mores the pitty), but her PS Game needs to improve, the more she speaks the more people dislike her. She comes off as "Fake," (to me) she looks like someone terrified of saying the wrong thing and the stress of that (not being yourself) is causing her to act and say odd things, adopt odd mannerisms.

    I like KH, a no nonsense State Prosecutor of California, and by most accounts a very successful one, no small feat.
    And during the senate hearings (some USS committee or other) Kamala was the main one fighting the Republicans, kicking their arse, Well…. alongside NJ USS Cory "tears of rage" (aka "Spartacus") Booker.
    (It was funny watching those two KH&CB, both early POTUS contenders, battle it out to be the "Wokist" one on Earth).

    My point is, Kamala simply needs to be whatever got her to where she is today, be thatperson….Kamala, you can do no other.

    one heart beat away from the POTUS!

    Unfortunately I do not think that Joe will make it to 2024, not the way they're working him, I pray night and day that Joe lives to be in his 100's, but if he is put under too much stress it will surely kill him.
    10 to 15hrs per week only, and we'll get thu this, 2024 will be here for you know it.

  9. As soon as Trump announces his social media site will be up by 2022 cnn is all of a sudden asking if the Government should censor and have some control over social media , you know like communist China

  10. Trump's become toxic! yeah, look at the level of toxicity, lies, propaganda, and misinformation from the sources that have proclaimed him as being "toxic" lmfao

  11. I will make a prediction. Youngkin takes Virginia. Though Virginia is full of DC establishment types. They live in Virginia and work in DC. So this isn't 100% sure that Youngkin will win. Republicans will take the Senate and House in the 2022 midterms. We have a Democrat president, who is very unpopular who didn't even win the presidency legitimately. Normies tend to vote for the opposing party depending on who is president. If you have a Democrat president they will fill the other branches of government with Republicans. If it's a Republican president they will vote for Democrats. I don't know why they do this but they do it every time and have done this for decades. It makes no sense cause nothing can get done that way. It makes no sense to vote for a Republican or Democrat president and then fill the house and senate with people from the other party. But that's what they do. I think they consider i strategic voting. It keeps the president from doing too much or whatever. All it does it make them a lame duck. Also Trump will definitely be running in 2024. He has been dropping hints since he left the White House. There is no way in hell he is going to let them steal the election from him and not come back and run again. He isn't the kind of guy to take that kind of disrespect and walk away. He has a pretty good chance at winning in 2024 with the behavior I have seen from the Democrats.

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