Biden DISMISSES Gas Prices (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. Of course actual questions that make sense were able to be asked in Madrid, Spain. I was wondering how anyone got through with real questions of substance before I noticed he was abroad.

  2. this is only the begining and the western europe is the lap dogs of America and they want to take down the whole world for there own ends. American political class are rotten to the core.

  3. the political class have no intensions of giving the people anything ever. check out university report that shows you aint getting a damned thing from either wing of the same bird.

  4. I'm a brit and we are paying 13 dollars a gallon and the government are talking about rationing food and services now. I am emigrating to RUSSIA goodby and good luck western world.

  5. The thing that's sus about all this "inflation" is that many of the companies that raised prices are posting record profits. If they're raising prices and posting record profits, something's up. You don't have to be a genius to put two and two together — there's some major league collusion and price-fixing going on. We used to have laws against that. But apparently, some people thought deregulation and non-prosecution of crimes was the way to go, and somehow the "free market" would "sort it all out". The market sure is "sorting it all out" — The people that own everything are making a killing, and the people who do all the work in this country are suffering.

  6. The Biden clip is so cringey that my neck hurts.How about Hunter Biden's texts to Keith Ablow joking that" if his father could overcome dementia, then he could lead the country."…..back in 2019

  7. In all fairness to Joe Biden, even Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama would struggle answering some of these questions. It's very difficult to defend or justify a lot of these policies. They just, don't, make, sense. They make sense for billionaires and corporations, but they don't make sense for the average American, much less the MAJORITY of people in this country.

  8. It was sooo hard to watch Biden respond to this question.. Like you said Sabby he's having a tough time answering the question. And whether not thats I don't know the answer, I'm struggling to find an answer that doesn't say too much, or mind is soo far gone that its difficult to come up with an answer, because of the above two things, or just because his mind is gone. Idk. But its difficult to watch.

  9. Biden trying to blame Russia for the rise in prices is beyond absurd. This is the kind of thing that prevents good, smart people from helping him. The same thing with Trump. Smart people see all these things they could point out to help, and make their presidency better, and help the country, but then they see them acting in transparently obvious bad faith — It's a big turn off. What is it they say, "Bad money drives out good money." Well, I think it's the same thing for politics, and administrations, and Congress. Good people don't want to be associated with them in any way. People who would otherwise help them are turned off by their bad behavior.

  10. A lot of people say, "How are we ever going to wrest control from people in power, if they don't want to give that power up, or change anything, to benefit society at large?"

    And my answer is, "I guess it depends a lot on what you believe in. If you think our entire life is meaningless, and random, and there's no supreme being, and you'll never have to account for what you did or didn't do here, then I guess it doesn't much matter. On the other hand, if you believe in a supreme being, which many people in office claim to, there comes a moment in your life where you have to choose whether you're going to do the right thing, or whether you're going to continue to cover for a corrupt, morally bankrupt system. Are you going to continue to BS everyone, and hope they never figure it out, or are you going to have an epiphany and realize there are higher powers at work here, and how you execute your job, or not, is kind of important?"

    I think a lot of people in office these days fall somewhere on the self-serving sociopath scale, but I'm hoping there's enough good people that still believe in something, that they're willing to stand up when it counts.

    Somebody needs to throw the money changers out of our Congress, the White House, our government, all the state, and local governments, etc., etc., etc. Somebody needs to stand up for the people.

  11. I hate that our government continually lies to us 24/7, with half-truths, and forgetting to mention material facts, and outright fabricating stories, and most of the corporate "news" covers for them, and never discusses, much less investigates much of it. We can do better than this. The American people deserve better.

  12. I would say that Biden did finally get us out of Afghanistan. It wasn't pretty, but he did do that. But other than that, I'm not a fan.

  13. Biden has always had contempt for his own voters. He lies openly and often, the proof is out there in video form on this platform. Multiple videos over the decades of good ole salt of the earth Joey B being caught lying.

  14. I can sleep at night knowing that I didn't vote for this bumbling, stumbling, incoherent, immoral, douche bag, corrupt liar. Every republican must go. Right after every Democrat. And say what you will about the Republicans, F them. But atleast the people chose Trump over every other establishment Republican. The media decides the democrats candidate. Under the advisement of the dem. Party. Bernie, case and point.

  15. “Joe Biden does not need to be President of the United States…Joe Biden, right now, needs to go home, have some PRUNE JUICE and chill”…😂😂😂😂😂😂…I’m dyin’

  16. Can you picture Biden in high level meetings taking the position as the "smartest man in the room"? He is a doormat to Saudi Arabia and China. We will not be beating back Russia in the Ukraine, he knows this and Russia knows this. The gas tax will not decrease the price by $1 per gal. and then you have to keep big oil from adjusting the price and pocketing that money to.

  17. Even now, with Americans struggling even more …. They're more concerned about Israel. An Apartheid State on the other side of the world. Our government does more for Israel in a day, than it does for Americans in a decade.

  18. Do not ever sit out. Vote in every primary and election. Just vote for the BEST candidate, that aligns the most closely with your values. That means voting for a third-party candidate, or writing in the best qualified person you can think of. If only 10% or more of the people voting are voting for third-party or write-in candidates we could change our government. Even if your candidate doesn't win, it'll get people's attention. It'll wake people up. For most people, their vote is the most leverage they will ever have over our government. Most people are not millionaires and can't afford to finance campaigns or hire lobbyists. For them especially, it is imperative that they vote in every primary and election.

    Not voting is the same as being silent — it only helps the oppressor, and helps perpetuate the status quo.

  19. Joe Biden is just like Trump. He is incompetent and arrogant. Biden has been chasing the presidency for most of his career, and due to failings of his own like lying about his background or plagiarism scandals. Joe Biden is an entitled old man who is functioning at a diminished capacity. Obama pushed and manipulated a Biden primary win because he didn’t want someone to show him up by actually making changes. I don’t how we as average Americans pull ourselves out of this quagmire that the oligarchs have gotten us into. ☹️

  20. Its being known as the NEW WORLD ORDER Sabby …that talk has been around for centuries refer to the bible …Check out David Icke and Rosa Koire (RIP) I will link what I came across in 2019 with these two

  21. It sure looks like he's trying to read up a script that they're quickly trying to put in front of them. I would love to see what's on that podium?? As he seems very focused and looking down at it. Trying to bumble through this question which he's not answering as usual. Mr never answer any question they see him meet his answer something different. WTF

  22. People should not have an unreasonable wait when they go to vote.
    I know in California though, it's not unusual for them to have 30, 40, or more offices/measures on the ballot — so that takes some time to fill out.
    I fully support vote-by-mail, but we also need more voting machines, locations, etc.
    I'd love to exchange Election Day for Columbus Day as a national holiday.
    Maybe there should be a fine, and possibly criminal charges for counties that don't provide enough voting machines, based on how many people had to wait excessive times, and how many extra minutes they had to wait?
    I think anyone who has to wait more than 30 minutes to vote is unreasonable.
    There definitely should be penalties for counties/districts that make people wait unusually long times. And the penalties should be high enough to make them interested and excited about fixing it. It shouldn't just be, "Oh well."

  23. ~29:40 Callous indifference to the suffering of others is one of the hallmarks of a sociopathic personality. There's no limit to the amount of sacrifices others should make. Huge red flag.

  24. Look mam, Joe Biden is no longer in control of enough of his mental facilties to continue to serve as President. Which as a result makes it hard for him to be jugded as someone speaking solely from his own personal intent. He's feeble, and what all of us who are aware of this should be doing is finding a way to get him to step down or be removed as soon as possible. At this point even Kamala is a better look than this…

  25. And the fact Bill Clinton was the reason Trump ran in the first place with he and Hillary thinking they could beat a man who is not "presidential". Not realizing the fact most of the US doesn't even like her.

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