Biden Doesn’t Think His Voters Have a Right to Know Whether He’ll Pack the Supreme Court

Any answer he could give would lose the election:


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  1. Imagine wanting to vote for someone and they call you an idiot for feeling like you have the right to know what their actual policy opinions are….. Most absurd thing I’ve ever heard !!!!

  2. If Biden’s , hell if any of the leading democrat’s actions in this election were viewed by someone from 15 years ago, they would think everyone in the future had gone completely fucking crazy. And they’d be right. The Dems and their controlled media have brainwashed the public into a state of absolute stupidity. Fifteen years ago, Biden’s handlers would be under arrest for abuse of the mentally disabled, and there wouldn’t be a person on earth who was unable to recognize that he’s very obviously demented.

  3. If it turns out to be a negative presidency, they can always blame orange man for that. It's an open season for corruption as they have a scapegoat they can always offer.

    And by the way, Biden's not gonna pack the court, Kamala will.

  4. What a fantastic group of People working together to make America great again. Noticed how positive everyone who supports President Trump is about him and what he is doing. Makes you wonder why anyone would vote for Biden, even his supporters say he isn't a very good choice

  5. its coming pretty eery to think the reason theyve been so adamant on putting Fascism to the Right Wing, and using the term Fascist to mean anything non-left, is so they can get someone like Biden in to office, through sheer misinformation in order to become an actual Fascist state

    Fascism is left wing. All left wing ideas are authoritarian. To hell with them

  6. Biden thinks he'll line his pockets. Kamala thinks Biden will croak, she'll get into Guinness… and she'll line her pockets. They're both disgusting grifters.

  7. Biden isn't saying screw you to HIS voting base. They all know he wants to pack the courts.
    He just doesn't want to make a statement that will lose him undecided moderates. Those are the people he is lying to.

  8. We are possibly already past the point where Democrats can win most elections under any circumstances because the country for the last 50+ has been "packed" with enough people from 3rd world backgrounds who will always vote Democrat no matter how bad or destructive they are.

    Republicans need to be prepared to file a tsunami of lawsuits 24/7/365 in order to completely hamstring and cripple a Biden presidency.

  9. Biden might not add seats but Harris definitely will. She sees it as a win/win for her buy placing more "Progressive" judges on the court to throw red meat to the Progressive Left.

  10. Your only one of two people on YouTube talking about Biden's "no they don't have the right" answer on being asked "don't the American people have the right to know if you will pack the court" question from a reporter.

  11. The media has designed pools to discourage and to ruin enthusiasm think about it for 5 months ago Trump was so heavily favored to win now miraculously he's losing my double digits give me a break their media campaign from the beginning was the silence support for Trump by calling anybody that supports Trump racist it's imperative that you get out and vote they will make the lines long to make it as inconvenient as possible but please get out and vote

  12. Love the words carbon tax, reality tax on the mass poor, then utility bills go up double whammy, let's call it what it is, a tax on the masses to pay for politicians piss poor virtue signaling scam.