Biden DOJ Has Begun RAIDING Opposition Journalists, Accused Of Leaking Project Veritas Legal Memos

Biden DOJ Has Begun RAIDING Opposition Journalists, Accused Of Leaking Project Veritas Legal Memos. NY Posts editorial board said it looks like the DOJ is targeting opposition journalists.

But now it seems worse.

Someone leaked internal and privileged legal communications from project veritas to the New York Times and the FBI seems like the only likely suspect.

Following the raid on James O’Keefe and other Veritas journalists, someone informed the NYT the raid occurred and then shortly after provided legal documents to the NYT.

Around the same time the FBI was ordered to stop extracting information from Veritas’ devices

Seems like the FBI has gone completely rogue


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. You and Tucker need to snap the left into reality fast! Come together! Bc the left are being exploited, the left are victims, they are taking the deadly shot and they will suffer more than we all did under their riots. This is sick!!!!!!

  2. I’m watching Drew Hernandez on Alex Jones right now, just thanks, thank you all for supporting him this week!!!!! He’s being attacked! Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪💪💪

  3. They call everyone a nazi and racist and fascist bc it’s all George Soros!!!!!!! Soros owns everything! That’s your systemic racism there!!!! Bingo left! Bingo leftists! That’s y they went insane, Soros!!!!!

  4. Biden is a fascist. The ones behind biden too. His voters that aren't being vocal against him right now? Also.

    You should not take this lying down. Resist. And take them to court. For example.

  5. I’m watching the war room now….wow! Sheriff!!!! Stand your ground people! Stand your ground! Keep your head on straight and composed. And let the world see the monsters bc they are desperate and will come out of their dark dens to get us bc they want it all and will get it all if we don’t stand our ground! Always, with the example of Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, and Jesus, (coming from an atheist, I’m with you Christians ❤️💪)!

  6. Nothing bothers me more than the argument, "if everyone just did this thing, this thing would happen." This is a collectivist mentality. It assumes everyone wants what you want. And in most cases, it ONLY works if everyone does it… Otherwise you completely loose…

    If everyone just quit using these Big Tec platforms, they'd loose their power overnight.

    If everyone just fought back, it would end today.

    If everyone just… no sh*t… grow up… You'll never get everyone to do something in lockstep

  7. If anything this is good for Project Veritas. They can show in court that the FBI and NYT illegally obtained their privileged protected communications and used them to try and pressure Veritas to cease their lawsuit. Veritas will win the case and be awarded even more damages in the process because of NYT’s stupidity and arrogance. The NYT clearly thinks it’s infallible

    On a side note it’s adorable Tim still thinks that “voting” and your supposed constitutional rights can solve all these issues. There will be blood; and leftists will fire the first shot. The rest of us are currently staring down the barrel, waiting for them to pull the trigger.

  8. I halfway agree with the peaceful non violent stuff for change.

    I think that works more often than not. But I also think, that violence can also get similar results. BUT it MUST be the last option used. Just like our founding fathers. They tried airing their grievances. But they where shut down silenced and worse. But when it does come time to use violence, you cannot half ass it. It must be Swift. It must be with overwhelming force and there can be no hesitation.

  9. In defense of Trump, all you people would have called him a dictator and riot worse if Trump used the insurrection act. You have a really bad memory dude

  10. "Violence is a trick" No it's not. The left can use as much violence as they want, when they want, wherever they want. It's about who is in power, who is controlling the institutions that are supposed to prevent such violence. And they do nothing when it comes from the left, THAT is the trick.

  11. Emergency, there are genocides happening like during WW2. Hitler exterminated 12000000 under the guise of a typhus epidemic, and now they are doing it under the guise of a corona virus pandemic. Corona means crown, and a virus attacking the crown/government is some thing exposing government (2Corinthians4:4). Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 can only apply to one place on earth. Research it well to learn who has been behind slaughters for centuries. 1John5:19 is trying to stop Daniel12:4,2:44,45. Hitler was a Catholic and never excommunicated. Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 is orchestrating this assault against humanity, but they are trying to blame it on innocent peoples, Countries and groups. They are responsible for boycotts, civil disobedience, sabotage, and soon to be mass killings like against the Jews, gays, war objecters(war objecters coming soon as they are starting WW3), and other perceived undesirables as in Nazi Germany. People were rounded up to go to concentration camps because of a supposed typhus epidemic, and were gassed on the way by vehicle exhaust, or later by zyklon B rodent extermination gas with the smell taken out (h#$%@3n)cyanide. Most of those rounded up were dead with in 70 days of being picked up. Canada shut down a government minister on a Parliamentary broadcast when he was asking what the concentration camps they were building were for, then later they circulated that he had been fired a year before the event, even though he is still working. Corrupt. Revelation mentions that people should leave the Revelation18:4 group if they don't want to receive her plagues. (Hello, if you don't want to receive her plagues!)
    According to Revelation 18 this group wears scarlet(Cardinals), and purple(Bishops). It refers to a city Kingdom (Rome is the only city kingdom in the world), that rules over the Kings of the earth. Where are the Kings? The Roman Empire broke in 2 and from those 2 divisions came 10 Countries. The Pope was the eleventh, but he got rid of 3, and from the 7 he is chosen, and there will be 10 again. 5 Countries on each leg of the Roman Empire. The (cross or X) is on the shields of the the Empire, and it symbolizes the ten Kingdoms, and the religious beliefs. Through time nations and peoples have not been able to sell their goods to other nations with out this mark. According to official writings no one may buy or sell or say a greeting to any one who has left the cross. The X or cross originates from the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet the taw, which means a mark, both literal and figurative. In The Bible book of Ezekiel, God put a taw(mark) on the people who were crying over the loss of wickedness. The mark was not for salvation. Revelation/Apocalypse 13:18 says you won't be able to buy or sell with out the taw(mark) of the beast(Empire). It is 1 of only 2 things that the Bible says gets you condemned, with no chance of repenting and being forgiven. The cross has been used through out history, including the Egyptians called it the anke, which was a symbol of power. The cross has falsely become associated with the Messiah(Christ), and that is where Xmass, and Christmas comes from. Popes have always had a mitre(triple tiered crown) with 666 on it in Latin (Vicarivs Filli Dei).
    Latin letters have a number associated with it, just like Hebrew and Greek. Rome has called for mass destruction and sabotage to stop people from hearing this. Government and Churches working together in self interest, not in the interest of the people. The earth belongs to the people collectively. 1John5:19 is getting people to attack the people trying to make you free. Clear your browser history and cache, and YouTube search and viewing history! Please pray for me and you! God for warned about these things happening.
    Their hate for Acts2:44 runs deep, and that is why Christian nations are committing genocide under the guise of a corona virus, just as Hitler did under the guise of a typhus epidemic, and falsely attacking China saying that they are the ones committing genocide. The last war China fought was WW2, and that was because they were attacked. Try reading your Bible and having a scrap of decency! Some Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 nations have had war every year, in fact there has probably never been a year or probably a month where they were not in a war.
    Government mandates vaccine for businesses over 100 people, and then Revelation 18 Church people, sabotage, boycott and quit, thus destroying the business, and your suppressors take full control again, enslaving you. Study Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 deeply, as people are putting their life on the line for you! The Bible's book of Matthew mentions they would put you to death thinking they are serving God, that's how deluded they are. Every time I see the idols on Ste. Peter's Basilica, I know that Rome is a complete fraud(Acts15, Exodus20, Deuteronomy 5). Revelation17,18 is framing innocent people and businesses, and are going to attempt to get people so mad they will kill their perceived enemies. Governments issue vaccine mandates all over the world. In US it was approximately 5 governmental agencies and the President. The President orders all businesses with over 100 people to force the vaccine on their workers. Businesses face huge fines if they don't comply, but Revelation17,18 causes sabotage, boycotts, protests, walk outs and people quittng, so as to destroy businesses. The businesses that were trying to Daniel12:4 about 1John5:19. Amazing how all these things came a long as Revelation/Apocalypse17,18 is being exposed. The Pope and the British Royals were found guilty of genocide, by the International Criminal Court, just before this pandemic. Donald J. trump attacked the International Criminal Court by the US financial system.(so called man of justice) There was rioting and protests all across Europe just before the pandemic. Italy, the seat of Rome was the first place to long term lock down, fill their Churches with dead bodies and the first to enforce the covid vaccine pass. The Pope had a meeting with mayors and governors from around the world under the guise of environmentalism pre-covid.
    Read Exodus20, Deuteronomy5 and Acts15 and see about the Bible's view of idols, and you will see that it is Rev/Apoc17,18, 1John5:19, 2Corinthians4:4 has caused people to break God's law by using the beast's money. Not NWO Daniel 12:4, but 1John5:19 OWO. People calling it the NWO, should think, isn't this the same as the genocide and war of WW2? Think!
    Trump authorized operation warp speed to force a vaccination on Americans, but Trump took so called regeneron to recover from covid and didn't isolate when Trump and his campaign manger had covid and the manager was arrested. Trump either faked him and his campaign manger getting covid, to hide his arrest, or America is being forced to take vaccine, when regeneron can cure with out isolation. Either way, he is corrupt. Alex Jones was willing to go to civil war in America and called for mass killing to have Trump be President. Alex says the vaccines are killing people, but was willing to kill millions to install Donald J. Trump who authorized the forced vaccination. Alex is corrupt too. Remember 1776! Copy and share this information!(video record, record in audio, text, or ?! This is the Pope/UK Prince Charles war on business. All the things happening are to hide a Hitler like genocide. They are attacking because of information exposing them. There is two realities playing out. 1. A corona virus pandemic and a vaccine to stop its spread. 2. Corona means crown(government) and there is a virus(information exposing/attacking the crown/government) and there is a computer/device anti virus(vaccine)(which is supposed to protect from malicious computer code) and this anti virus deletes information from your view. Reality 1 is for public consumption, where as reality 2 is for Church and State. (John McAfee, the computer anti virus software owner was put to death(in Spain) to hide this. Read that a few times so you understand! Think of which reality is really being talked about! God be with the people of the world as they unite against the beast system. UK just passing laws to lock people up indefinitely, with no trial, take your kids, force tests, and send to concentration camps. UK has released tender for businesses to contract cadaver services for millions of human corpses. Mass emergency poison purchase in Australia, supposedly for a rodent infestation. Hitler killed by rat poison. Hitler was originally cleaning up rodents around businesses, and advanced to humans. Zyklon B extermination gas is rat poison with the fumant removed. Vaccine passports will be used to stop buying and selling, and those who have virus 2 will be put to death. English speaking and didn't react as you would expect. Don't bow down to what God calls an abomination! Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 ruled the world through force until the birth of the US and the French revolution, which ended the Bible's prophecy of 1260 years of domination by Rome. People were beheaded for observing the real Sabbath(not (Sun)day). A Pope struck a coin commemorating chopping off people's heads for observing the Sabbath. On one side of the coin was the Pope's head, and the other side had an Angel with a sword and a pile of heads stacked up. Ste Bartholomew's massacre. In the Vatican library is the proof of the collaboration of Church and governments to kill steal and enslave. Urgent necessity, to make the Vatican library completely public! Through history the Catholic Austrian Royals ruled Germany and the leader of the exterminations was Catholic Austrian Adolf Hitler. ;!(!(

  12. I like this report, I suggest that you find another place to post your vids, only because at some point you may need to. This is something I understand. I'm glad you're talking TRUTH

  13. You are a wannabe Tim. There is no mixed bag of opinions. You spread bs and beg your viewers to send you money. Media is bad unless it’s you and Alex Jones. Thanks for the laugh. Can’t wait till you’re cancelled 😆

  14. First play of all tyrants is taking out the press that doesn't tow the line. Lincoln imprisoned F. Scott Fitzgerald's grandson for owning a newspaper in Baltimore that was critical of him.

  15. What crazy times. I'm watching this hiding my identity because I know I can expect more scrutity if my agency knows my true politcal leaning. I and many others have to pretend, we can't even trust eachother because things can get nasty and fast and there are too many incentives to risk it, albeit help somebody else. We are all compartimentalized, individually. Don't give up guys. Our time is coming, one by one we are all moving, and the momentum keeps boiling.

    Rather die on my feets,
    Than live on my knees.

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