Biden DOJ’s OUTRAGEOUS Spying On Project Veritas | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar defend the first amendment rights of Project Veritas journalists after the Biden DOJ was caught spying on them due to their acquisition of Ashley Biden’s diary

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Trita Parsi:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. I’m so glad I haven’t donated or joined your membership. It’s bias shit like that that I hate. SAAGAR you need to GROW A PAIR and call her tf out for slander on PV and lying that the diary was “stolen.” You just parrot everything she says. KRYSTAL controls this show, and I can tell that Saagar has changed because of it

  2. I'm sorry but these two need to stop spreading the MSM propaganda they proclaim to hate so much. Just like when they group Tucker Carlson in with the rest of the MSM. The same Tucker Carlson that covers many of the exact same stories as Breaking Points with the exact same opinion. He even has some of the same guests such as Glenn Greenwald on his show often. There is a massive difference between Fox News and MSNBC/CNN. The former is far more accurate with the facts than the latter. I'm not a Trumpster but I can see this clearly.

  3. The comment section is full of people saying the diary isn’t stolen. Okay, it’s arguable whether or not the new tenant is a thief, but can we agree that selling somebodies diary makes him a piece of shit? You really have to lower the bar to get to the top of Petty Mountain.

  4. Krystal’s framing of this story is ridiculously bias and false. What is her source, since she claims to know exactly how this went down and wants to paint PV as the bad guys here? What a joke.

  5. You two are simply rotten people. You two dont even support democracy. You have said nothing about voting rights. You are silent on the SCOTUS hearings. You ignore the obvious racism of almost every GOP member of the judiciary committee. But blow this out of proportion. Project Veritas is nothing but right wing propaganda. They are not good people. They hate democracy. The 'acquisition' of Ashley Biden's diary. Money is all you two care about. You know this type of coverage brings in more right wing paying subscribers.

  6. This segment and how you two are behaving reminds me of how you two describe Democrats and Republicans: dems are smug defamers, liars, and deceivers, and then we have the do-nothing Repubs. Smh

  7. Deceptively edited? What exactly was that? Using peoples own words against them is better then daily making up shit. Ever seen their retraction wall? One of the last real investigative journalists.


  9. Didn't the left scream and cry after Trump was elected and for the next 4 years about how journalism was under assault and democracy dies in darkness and blah blah blah. What is the name of the journalist whose home Trump raided? 🤔

  10. Make no mistake this was a statement.

    He wanted to let it you know that he can use the power of the state against citizens. And there is absolutely nothing they can do about it

  11. Saagar well spoken. Troubling? This is a criminally-led Intelligence Community who persecutes whistle-blower and promotes sketchy tactics. Isaiah prophesied right would be wrong and wrong would be right. We are living in those times.

  12. I don’t quite agree with shitting on Krystal for using the word “stolen” if Ashley had an agreement with the landlord to come back to get the rest of her stuff, it’s not abandonment of property. She and the landlord had agreement, and we don’t know if these tenants knew that those stuff was being kept for Ashley to have it back and where did the new Tennent get the stuff from? Like in their apartment or was it in the landlord’s possion and they knowing took it. But I am also really curious about this sexual relationship that I hearing about, is that coobarated? Or just an internet rumour?

  13. Again, no matter what the outrageous act the Left has done, you two have to first flash your Leftist credentials. You are not fair-minded, moderate, or truth seekers. Your job, unlike CNN, is not to lie or cover up the story, but to control and minimized the damage to the Left's screw-ups.

  14. Daughter leaves diary behind, not stolen. Son abandons lap top maybe more than one. I get the feeling that the Biden kids want this sensitive material to be found. Do you suppose this is Ashley and Hunter's cries for help. What a dysfunctional family the Biden are.

  15. Leaving behind a diary when you move? What an idiot. So first Hunter, now Ashley, the whole clan lacks common sense, that should be the news. And Krystal, you're an idiot too for calling it stolen, and Saagar for not calling her out. If Ryan at Rising said something similar, you know Kim will jump on it on air.

  16. This segment perfectly highlights why Russell Brand's channel is screaming past the sub counts of his "peers". Guarantee if/when he covers this story he won't spend the majority of the segment trashing the source and calling abandoned property "stolen". There are so many important details to this story and they chose to blow past almost all of them, another disappointing let down of a segment.

  17. Krystal is so full of shit…they don’t “deceptively edit.” They do what no one does and release the full video footage that was taken. O’Keefe didn’t release the diary because he couldn’t verify its authenticity; the same can’t be said of mainstream media (Russian collusion).

  18. The diary was legally abandoned. Krystal knows this, but she is compromising her values bc she doesn't like PV. She can see when others do it, but not when she does it. Krystal, you should address this in your monologue.. You're better than this… Saager, grow a set and call her out.. she's done stuff like this before talking about Trump and you don't say a word… Very dis ingenuous and your audience is smart enough to spot it, as the comments show

  19. …there is absolutely no difference between the Hunter laptop and Ashley diary…they were both abandoned and the laptop is a digital diary detailing Hunters depravity…

  20. Krystal, instead of using the NY Times as a source to this story you should have gone straight to PV and James O'Keefe for his account of the story. As you mentioned, the NYT is in a legal dispute with PV and can not be trusted to tell the whole truth.

  21. "Selectively edit" is just another of the BS critiques of Project Veritas. Everyone does this.
    They have countless hours of uncut film to edit the events they want to highlight.
    So yeah, they "selectively edit". Better crucify them for doing exactly what everyone else does.

  22. Sorry Krystal but your take on this has driven me away from you again. The story has been out there for over a year and she still gets info wrong no excuse. She needs to go back and listen to she self at the 9:20 mark and take what she is saying to heart and look inside.

  23. Krystal, if you leave something behind and someone picks it up. That would be considered stolen. Would have been a nice thing to do to turn it into the office (yes) but he didn't steal something that was left behind for months.

  24. Krystal always throws crap at Project Veritas and misleads readers before she hits the important points. I turned off from MSM because of that.

    Do some research on Project Veritas! They have published everything that has happened on how the diary was acquired. Project Veritas did not publish the diary contents because they could not verify its authenticity.

    Krystal doesn't hit the fact that the New York Times has Printed leaked confidential information from the FBI shortly after the raid. She just says they have some beef. Wtf.

    Project Veritas is far better reporting than Breaking Points. Sagar and Krystal need to step it up. Look at Glen Greenwald Arron Mate and Jimmy Dore for a better path.

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