Biden Drops PreFlight COVID Test | NYC Drops Toddler Masking | Time to Celebrate or Get an Apology?

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. "About zero" love how you call this 🤡💩 out, VP! PH has, indeed, lost all credibility.
    How many 0-4 vxs do we think will occur, considering low rate for 5-12?

  2. The mask says, "I'LL BE BACK"
    The supposed experts actually made it through SCHOOL. They lie to make up the difference of what they don't know.
    Whatever suits their profit margin, investments, royalties, and their own sick minds.

  3. I agree that controls need to be in place to limit durations of unproven and untested policies. Unfortunately, a person like Biden is more than happy to either use "the pen", even illegally to ignore / bypass that issue.

  4. Public health officials should have no ability to mandate. They should only advise. If they they a mandate is warranted they have to go to the elected officials and convince them to implement those policies. PH officials have shown they only consider health (as they should) without considering the impacts of their policies in other areas (economy, education, etc). If you can’t convince the elected officials that the health risk outweighs other considerations, than it doesn’t happen. That kind of assessment was never made in the early days of Covid.

  5. I'm concerned of why they picked now to remove these policies? If they had no reason to stop the policy, what reason did they have to start them? Some sort of gut feeling? To me, it looks more like just going with the bandwagon mob of public opinion, which is a horrible way to govern oneselves.

  6. We don't need laws mandating our public health agencies run trials, we need robust conflict of interest laws, and we need to enforce them. For the agencies, and for elected representatives.

  7. I have noticed that you're spending more time back in your field of oncology. It's outside my understanding for the most part, but I appreciate that you discuss it publicly for educational purposes. I'd like to learn about the topic generally, as long as I can follow along and keep up. The important thing is that your pre-covid audience continue to be served.

  8. my opinion, enough b*llsh*t, you get Covid bad or mild SINCE THE BEGINNING, NO "vaccine", after "vaccine", same thing. "thanks" to Oxford, forced poor unvax recovered patients to get Covid (overcoming that 1% reinfection rate, ruining it), created omicron mild strain, END of story, enough faux "vaccines", enough Covid, and LEAVE BABIE ALONE!!! do not ruin them with pseudo Uracil immortal mRNA, criminal!

  9. the TRUTH will NEVER NEVER come out, I am 100% correct about the immortal mRNA & overproduction of spike antigen resulting in RAPIDLY DIMINISHED antibody levels, but they will NEVER look into this. in the VERY beginning, remember they said do NOT test for antibody, too "confusing", total BS right from 2019, NEVER knew who really had Covid and who didnt, could have cleared up everything by testing for anti nucleocapsid

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