Biden Email LEAK Shows Evidence Joe Biden LIED About Ukraine Dealings, Democrats Are Freaking Out

Biden Email LEAK Shows Evidence Joe Biden LIED About Ukraine Dealings, Democrats Are Freaking Out. Democrats are corrupt and there is no two ways about it.

In a trove of leaked emails published by NY Post from a computer purportedly owned by Hunter Biden, emails show Hunter using his family name and access to his then VP Father Joe Biden to make more money.

In one exchange a Ukrainian Businessman from Burisma is thanking Hunter for introducing him to his father and giving him the opportunity to meet and spend time.

Democratic allies in media are freaking out claiming its fake news. Facebook has announced they are censoring this story to prevent it from going far even though its from a reputable news source.

Censorship is out of hand and the corrupt Democrats are desperate to steal back power by any means necessary.

Trump and Republicans must win and reform section 230 to prevent this abuse


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Biden bragged about using our money to get his son out of trouble. Worried about getting health care or going to college ? Imagine how many Americans could have benefited from the money Biden gave them to prevent his son for rightfully going to prison

  2. Hunter Biden was admin separated from navy reserves in 2014 after failing a drug test, that same year he joins the board of directors job paying $50k a month. HOW CAN THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?? Sorry about the caps but there is no logical setting in which a company board would bring on a person recently in trouble for drugs. An investigation is a waste of time, just a bunch of finger wagging, need actual consequences.

  3. Am I wrong, or did this video get deleted from YouTube? I had copied the YouTube link, and watched it earlier, but now, trying to search YouTube for it, it cannot be found! However, the link I copied STILL WORKS! I've sent the link to numerous friends, so they too could watch it! The media, and their protection of Joe Biden has gotten out of hand!

  4. This is too easy. What Biden said was factually true. He didn't speak to his son. Hunter took Biden's trip to Ukraine as a manipulation like he had a part in it. Then probably introduced him to Biden with Biden being introduced to many people. Biden doesn't need to speak to his son to know that he is being investigated or is making money off their last name. Remember 47 years in office. He can still protect his son without speaking with him. All if is still wrong and corrupt. But Biden worded his response correctly to not lie.

  5. Not attempted impeachment, successful impeachment. The Senate chose not to pursue the case but the impeachment did happen and was successful.

  6. From: Biden | To: Hillary | Date: 2016 | BCC: Fox, Donald Trump and 5000 others

    No, I did not forward those emails.
    In fact, I blinded everyone you didn't want seeing them, just to be safe. – Biden

  7. Bye Bidden. Thou you know. People will still vote because they are brain washed.
    Also Biden
    would have been the most devilish authoritative President in History. He wouldn’t side with what he calls “Predators in the Streets.”. He would send them