Biden Email Scandal CONFIRMED, Biden Panics And Immediately Goes Into Hiding Shocking Reporters

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  1. he can't seriously be a viable candidate still. this is literally taking a criminal mafia don of the biden family and putting him in the highest office in the land. never mind he is officially demented and needs alzheimer's meds, the man used his crack-addicted son to launder money from china. remember when hillary said #TRUMP couldn't get elected, or they would "all hang".??? her words. why would they be worried about hanging as criminal traitors if they hadn't actually committed the crimes?

  2. So you're telling me anonymous uncited unverified sources from people who have a clear axe to grind might be ya know not reliable?

    The best part of all this is they tried to impeach the sitting president for trying to investigate this insane corruption. That makes all of the complicit in trying to covering it up. Especially Schiff continuing to do so. Need to arrest him

    Matt Walsh is right… people definitely would forget. This year has shown us people forget things and completely swap positions over the course of days

    You know if Trump lost this election… he could run in 2024 and win and run again 28…

  3. Honey, listen to what you said about stand alone complex.

    If they are doing it at the same time to make it look concerted…how is it not concerted?

    They throw words out there to confuse the point.

    There are several levels of racism, sexuality, etc…yeah, nuanced.
    It's not complicated. Quiet racism (like Biden's crime bill) is the cause of systematic racism…

    Nobody addresses that tho.

  4. I heard you say you do not know enough about world war II or Hitler or how he manipulated the German people. These are exact parallels to how the left is trying to manipulate the usa.

    Division leading to hatred.
    Political lies reimbursed by public free easy access broadcasting.
    The power of the mob, your neighbors having a point of view and not having the time to research the truth.
    The demonization of their human targets.

    If you do not understand the psychology of what they did back then you will be bound to repeat it with fighting back to late.
    We all need thoughtfulness but there comes a Time when it is time to verbally fight back.

    Denounce intersectionality
    Denounce hatred

  5. I hear biden is trying to get to argentina where the Nazis and white supremacists have 13 villages that look like 1945 german towns. But he can't figure out how to get there without being seen.

  6. There's also an added benefit of once being in the White House and getting your(Hillary) hands of the FBI files of everyone and anyone who may one day stand in the way of your freedom(from prison) or objectives. Apparently Biden didn't get copies of any of those files or he'd probably be home free.

  7. Explain how Ivanka made one dime from Trump's interactions with foreign governments as a public official. She can't decide to have her shoes or whatever made in a China slave shop? Why not? It's not illegal, and has nothing to do with government power.