Biden ENDS Operation To Stop Child Abusers And Traffickers, Leftist OUTRAGED Biden Is Detaining Kids

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  1. Yawn ?. Start offering advise and motivating people Tim….I mean at least the left (Pathetic Hollywood and the likes) band people together and motivates action. Don’t get me wrong their movement is in the wrong direction but they know how to motivate. It’s so disheartening to see someone like yourself with 1.1 million viewers (as you like to keep reminding me) but yet does nothing to encourage people to take a stand. Please tell me it’s not because you are no different to the MSM and get views off bad news bagging people…but do nothing constructive? Slippery slope mate and you’re heading there I’m afraid

  2. Holy heck, that's just deplorable!! I have been gobsmacked by most of the things Biden has done so far… but this..this is the most disturbing and despicable!

  3. What, precisely, is AOC's alternative solution? Let the kids go? Just let a bunch of kids walk into the US? What are they going to do? How will they eat? Where will they sleep? Come on in kids, just hope all the Texas winter storms are done for the next 10 years until you are old enough to get your own shopping cart and tent.

  4. ORANGE MAN BAD! This is the motto of the left, and there is not 1 thing that Trump was doing that they will let stand (unless it was Something Trump was doing that Trump was just blamed for but was actually Obama's Fault) So regardless of the effect all things Trump did must be ended, Key Stone Pipeline, The Talon to remove some of the worst people from those coming to our Country (remember THESE Child abusers are in the group Trump was referring to when he called SOME migrants Animals), We have been signed back on without renegotiation to the Paris Climate Accord where China and india the 2 largest polluters are permitted to function as 3rd world nations while the US has to pick up the slack, China has been granted a nice and juicy 90 days to do as they please in relevance to manipulating our Power grid (indirectly through their equipment being available for use, equipment that in the past has been shown to have backdoors)… They don't care how much damage they deal to the US if the can JUST REMOVE THE STAIN THAT WAS THE ORANGE MAN FROM THEIR US HISTORY, THEY ARE IN CONTROLL, THE ELITE, AND HE STEPPED OUT OF LINE.

  5. You only hear the problems. And that’s because kids are only taught in schools about critical theory. They’re not tight to come up with a solution they’re only taught to bitch and moan about some thing.

  6. If Trump cured cancer joe would destroy the cure. If the establishment had it their way no record of any good Trump did would exist because it makes them look evil and incompetent.

  7. The democrats are always going too be known in history all pro child trafficking and children being used for sex this is sad and all democrats will have this scar and have them explain why they legalized it

  8. The adrenochrome must flow. The demonic pedophile cabal absolutely HATE Trump for lowering their supply of adrenalized child blood by busting up trafficking rings.

  9. Biden's child sex slaves got too old or died in his basement. He wants new ones. That's what all the Demonic rats and their buddies want: New kids inside their sex dungeons, and if the kids get too old they're used for voting the monsters into office again or go buy expensive ice cream and alcohol.

  10. Tim would give props to the devil if he did something tim liked. 'He the great Enemy, but I have to give him props for his tough stance on punishing sinners…'