Biden FAILED On Every Front, Even Liberals Now Defend Trump, Democrats Are BURNING US To The Ground

Biden FAILED On Every Front, Even Liberals Now Defend Trump, Democrats Are BURNING US To The Ground. Inflation at record highs, gas at record highs, COVID cases, war in Ukraine, and now CHina trying to subvert the Dollar.

Democrats gave us one of the worst presidents in US history. Even Trevor noah defended Donald Trump and Bill Maher gave him credit as well.

The midterms are coming and either Joe Biden presides over the collapse of American dominance or populist republicans step in and pull us out of this nosedive before world war three erupts.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. When Biden says “its going up” with a grin about gas prices you know its planned. He could have said “Ill do my best to bring it down” or something hopeful. Instead he just blatantly says that.

  2. As a European, I can tell you right now a lot of us are wondering, Where's Joe Biden? Where's the leader of the free world during this crisis?

  3. Time you barely scratch the surface of the 2020 election fraud information. You continually refused to cover the information and help the main stream media not allow the real information to come out. There are still thousands of questions.

  4. Thanks Tim, I always enjoy your analysis. One question. On the voter fraud. You say basically Governors and SOS’s changed voting laws due to covid. Allowed lock boxes, get out the vote campaigns and such, but isn’t that the job of the legislature alone. These people going around the state legislatures make these acts unconstitutional and therefore illegal? Not to mention the massive illegal harvesting campaigns about to be exposed in Desesh’s upcoming film. What about the legally appointed OSC Gableman showing evidence of elder abuse and illegal election bribery? (The Zuckerberg 5). The massive chain of custody issues in some of these states? Trump only lost Arizona by 10k votes give or take. But the #1 thing about this that tells me the election was not legit is the lengths people are going to deny any transparency. Fighting audits, deleting election data. It’s all unbelievable I know. But it’s something we the people should be able to look into. If we really are having our elections stolen from us…That’s something we should prob find out about and get fixed sooner rather than later. Thanks again Tim…your a bad ass reporter sir

  5. its not just that biden is weak. you know, regan was also pretty declined for most of his last term.

    we really need to draw attention to the fact that it is his POLICY… it is the policy of the party. it isn't just biden's decline. if the policy was solid, things wouldn't be nearly this bad.

  6. Good points on all except Covid. Unless you're convinced that all of those people actually died from the virus itself which, according to readily (albeit tough to decipher) available data from CDC, isn't actually the case. CFR is closer to 6-8% of the actual number promulgated on the news. The right can't make the argument that we can live with the virus and in the next breath continue the notion this is a world killer. So unless we're playing the blame game the way the left did with DT for political purposes it's a weak argument for anyone who actually pays attention. Great pod otherwise. Cheers

  7. I dont care if trump said the sky was pink or cats are just female dogs. As long as the man said "if you elect joe biden your gas prices will go as high as 9.00" the man was right about everything…

  8. Sometime in the future soon…. (Imagine)
    Xi and MBS joint announcement: " We have decided to trade our oil in Chinese Yuan, beginning April, 2022…."
    Linsey Graham: "Somebody please assisinate these two!!!"

  9. Finally some real conviction from you Tim.

    We need more centrists like to properly convince the liberal minded citizens that economic stability is more important than they realized. A president who stabilizes foreign relations and is economically prosperous is infinitely better than a virtual signaling and vote buyng neoliberal puppet.

  10. I "Thumbs downed" this video because Tim still hasn't reviewed the Maricopa County Audit Report or the Wisconsin election committee investigation and the call for decertification in Wisconsin or the revelation that Zuckerbucks bribed 2900 municipalities in 49 states to alter election processes. Until your tune changes after reviewing that information I will click "thumbs down." The 2020 election was stolen just like 2018 and the failed attempt to steal it in 2016. 2008 and 2012 were most like stolen as well.

  11. I think it's ironic Tim, that you think and believe that these government people are CORRUPT, PYCHOTIC and LIARS but don't believe that they can actually steal elections…weird. Election day, went on for WEEKS.

  12. Liberal 4d chess…they think they would have a chance against Trump…so they slowly encourage him to run again..then by 2024 it would be wall to wall January 6th coverage…They fear if it's a Desantis or the like they'll have zero chance…they need Trump so they can ramp up that level of hate that got Biden in the first place…plus they know Biden won't be running so whoever they do get up there…they want it against Trump for the optics. Especially if it's old guy vs young lady.

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