Biden FBI Just RAIDED Trump DOJ Official Over POLITICS, Subpoenas GOP, Political Civil War IS HERE

Biden FBI Just RAIDED Trump DOJ Official Over POLITICS, Subpoenas GOP, Political Civil War IS HERE. In what may be the most dramatic escalation a former Trump official was targeted for political reasons as well as other GOP members in various states.

Republicans and Trump supporters say Jeffrey Clark was just concerned about the election and wanted it to be done properly. Democrats argue he schemed with Trump to stage a coup

Now the federal government and Biden’s DOJ has been weaponized for political purposes to go after those who supported Donald Trump.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


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  1. Tim Pool pretends not to be biased and then trys to claim that holding someone accountable for trying to overthrow our democracy is only to keep them from running again… wtf. Trumpism is Fascism!

  2. The civil war was about the south racists wanting to keep black people as property, it wasn't about a fascist conman who post the election trying to attack the capitol and remain in power. January 6th proved trumpism is Fascism. And the hearings are showing REPUBLICANS that supported and voted for trump are testifying how trump violated the law and tried to overthrow democracy.

  3. 26:28 – "What if New York just says 'we're gonna do it anyway.' That's when everything breaks, when people realize the Supreme Court can do nothing."

    Didn't this already happen a year or more ago with some ruling involving California?

  4. These people are willing to go to whatever lengths they have to in order to further their agenda or quite their own transgressions. Just look at Mark Middleton! Gun shot wound to the chest and found handing in a tree that no single person could reach on their own = Suicide

  5. And Trump will probably just talk but won't do anything about it just like when he threw his Jan. 6 supporters under the bus. I hope those who voted for Trump before have come to this realization that he was actually controlled opposition, and even now. I'll admit, I was one of those duped but never again.

  6. When you talk about civil war with roe v wade over turned. We now have the true catalyst. We have Life states and Choice States. And the factions will begin forming up with clear state boundries. We will go into the bloody kansas territory where we will be seeing culture wars. Which christians will win.

    Chritians will have a revival. It is already happening life as well as protecting kids from sexualization will become the catlyst issues for their political and cultural take over of many states. Latinos will fit right in and will help in overthrowing California. And holding Texas and Florida firm.

    The social issues will define our polticial races for years to come.

  7. Civil war might actually be a good thing. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  8. I love your shows Tim. Some of the only news I can stomach on a daily basis now. Also, thanks for getting to the point right away and then details after. I'm a busy bish😉

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