Biden FILLS GAPS On Trump’s Border Wall | The Kyle Kulinski Show

Kyle Kulinski gives his commentary on the news about Joe Biden filling in some gaps of Trump’s border wall in Arizona

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Kyle Kulinski Show:

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  1. The issue isn't the wall. The issue is that people are getting sick of being lied to by the left. I could care less about the right because I never considered myself a republican at any point of my life. However the lies that the Dems are producing are so disgustingly obvious at this point that many of us find it highly insulting. "These people really think we're this stupid?" Is the thought that crosses many of our minds. If we have a boarder problem, fix it. We have one dems using blatant lies to vilify the Republicans who wants to address the issue. Then they turn around and half @$$ help the situation on the low. They know there is a problem. They don't want truly help solve the issue though. That would mean they can't call the Republicans racist for wanting to address the issue. On and that takes away regurgitated political rhetoric that helps them win elections. We at a point in history where it's pretty clear that the left is always lying and playing some sort of political stunt. They aren't truly focused on doing anything positive for this country and the people in it. If they would put half the effort into improving this country as they do in lining their own pockets, we'd feel much better about supporting them. They are nothing more than a FB scam account at this point.

  2. I have not seen a Kyle episode yet that is an 'addition' to BP. Always a goofy take from a niche pretty far left perspective that is admittedly better than listening to CNN, but still starts from a narrative and selects/ arranges the facts accordingly. Tim Pool is much better.

  3. why would anyone praise them if they deny they are doing it?! that makes no sense, Kyle.
    maybe prepare for your segment. know the words you will be reading to us and how to pronounce key figures’ names and try to be less of a condescending leftist prick.

  4. I feel like the republicans have a right to be angry, because the Biden administration was saying how racist the policy was, but goes ahead and does it under the disguise of "we're fixing the problem the prior administration left us, by completing what they started". How about the Biden administration admits "ok we're wrong on our immigration policies, and we are finishing the wall". JUST BE HONEST WITH PEOPLE, MOST OF US SEE THROUGH THE BS.

  5. I'm going to trust someone who has never heard the word thoroughfare? A person that doesn't know the name of the White House Press Secretary? Doesn't know the word bollard? Amazing.

  6. Dude, learn to pronounce non AngloSaxon words. Your "Proud to be ignorant" old school american attitude is very retro. It's not hard to learn how to pronounce things before you air.

  7. I'm glad Biden is building more of the border wall and filling in some gaps. However, is he going to finish the wall? No. So, he doesn't get many brownie points.

  8. Who the hell wants open borders? How's that defund the cops going? you've only been screaming about uvalde for 3 months. besides I never click on breaking points to watch kyle. so thanks for the click bait

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