Biden Finishing Trump’s Border Wall In Arizona

Back when he was campaigning for President, Joe Biden made it abundantly clear that not a single foot of border wall would be constructed during his administration. Fast forward two years and what do you know? Biden is continuing wall construction in Arizona that wasn’t finished under the last guy, but don’t worry — a Biden spokeswoman says they’re merely “cleaning up” rather than building more of that “racist” border wall.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger try to noodle out when building a wall isn’t really building a wall.

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  1. What I dont understand is how Biden voters don't even try to make up for their mistakes. All democrats should be calling out every single lie and contradiction from this administration. Swallow your damn pride and stop allowing your party destroy America.

  2. On the campaign trail you can promise anything, the moment Kamala Harris into the White House she was asked about, tear down that wall, her response was, legally we can't, because president Trump went to court, every Court, and proved the human trafficking the coyotes the rape trees, the MS-13, and he eventually won, so it's law, there were only a couple of gaps left open, that the construction companies used, for the purpose of constructing the wall. So the body administration can drag their feet, when it comes to finishing the wall, but they can't tear it down. But I did enjoy her word salad.

  3. A border wall reduces illegal immigration, which reduces the speed at which the existing working class is being absolutely decimated by illegal immigration. Walls are good.

  4. He's deporting more people than Trump did? Corrupt Joke Biden brought in over three million illegals and flew them all over the country for votes. And he wants to give them all I'd's just in time for the midterms. States like AZ, FL and TX are busing them to DC.

  5. According to his administration they’re “fixing” the existing structure to make it “safe”. Biden has always been a racist, elitist, lying, misogynistic, old pervert.

  6. Building a walk to keep people in…not out lol. Like you put up a fence to keep your dog from visiting your neighbors property. They really are trying to make this a prison state lol. The government will give you 2…maybe 3 hot meals…And a place to sleep. In exchange…you give up your freedom/liberty and they own you. You will work for them…you will own nothing….But you will be happy.

  7. Trump must be laughing his ass off that he got elected for promising to do what Obama was already doing, and some of those voters still voted for him even after he broke that promise (he built less wall than Obama did)

  8. There are seesaws going through the wall so the kids on each side can play together. Look it up. BTW I support a wall but I'm just telling the facts

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